Detangling curly hair can be the most daunting part of wash day. Sectioning, spraying and carefully brushing through each curl can take a lot of time depending on your curl pattern. While it’s normal to shed hair when you brush, you want to make sure that you aren’t using a brush that’s so harsh you rip out hair unnecessarily. Ensuring a knot-free finish with minimal breakage is the ideal result from a detangling session.

Regardless of the hair type, there’s a detangling hair brush on this list for you. Whether you need to detangle in the shower or are styling your hair for a night out, this list covers it all. To help you avoid breakage, 21Ninety has rounded up the best detangling hair brushes for curly hair.

Multifaceted Detangling Hair Brush

Many naturalistas hail Denman’s Curly Hair Brush as the holy grail. It works perfectly during the detangling process. It can also define curls and smooth hair during the blow-drying process. Its seven rows of nylon pins allows for this brush to glide through your hair with minimal catch or drag.


If you need more than one brush. then grab this Boao 2-pack. These detangling brushes feature eight mobile rows of plastic bristles that move with your hair as it detangles. If you’re not feeling all of the flexibility, each brush comes with an attachable bracket so you get the feel of a paddle brush. The best part of these brushes is that they have a non-slip rubber grip handle. It prevents your brush from flying across the room. 

Deep Conditioning

Grab the Tangle Teezer Ultimate Detangler Hair Brush before you head into your next wash day. Designed with over 300 long and short flexible plastic bristles, this brush will help you get through every tangle. If you love to use a deep conditioner, apply the product and then evenly distribute it through your strands with this brush.


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Kazmaleje’s uniquely designed Kurlsplus Paddle can be used for both wet and dry brushing. The ergonomically curved handle helps with grip, the staggered thick bristles help with detangling, and the sectioning tip at the top of the handle is what makes this brush so different. After sectioning your hair, this brush allows you to gently massage your scalp. This Black woman-owned brand made this product for anyone with medium to thick textured hair.

Stretched Hair

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The company made this paddle brush heat-resistant nylon bristles for detangle every straightened or stretched strand. Whether you rock a silk press or your favorite ponytail, this brush’s flexible bristles will glide through the hair with little-to-no snagging.

Fits in Your Palm

If you are tired of trying to grip a brush handle when your hand is already wet, then the Crave Naturals’ Glide Thru Detangling Hair Brush is perfect for you. It’s made to fit in the palm of your hand. That allows users to have a firm while getting each and every knot. The flexible bristles also give you a mini head massage.


Crave Naturals FLEX DMC Detangling Brush for Thick & Curly Hair has five square layers of detangling bristles to glide through every tangle with ease. Since it moves with your curls, expect minimal tugging or pulling as you tackle wash day.

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