At first, thick hair and hair ties don’t seem like a match made in heaven. Many hair elastics snap, are too tight or pop off when trying to contain a larger than life mane. Fortunately, the hair tie industry has expanded. Now, you can find options to hold even the most voluminous heads of hair. No matter if you rock locs, braids or your natural curls, there is a hair tie out there that will keep your hair in place.

It’s important to make sure you’re using the right hair tie for your hair type. Doing so will reduce the chances of experiencing traction alopecia or hair loss from frequent tension on your roots. 21Ninety wants to help keep you and your hair happy. Check out the five best hair ties for thick hair that will keep your hair on lock.

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Scunci’s Thick Hair Elastics

Photo Courtesy of Target

Scunci’s Thick Hair Elastics with Bonus Clear Spiral Holder are the best bang-for-your-buck on this list. You get 24 no-damage hair ties as well as one extra, clear spiral hair tie. 

Made for thick hair, these ties won’t pop on you the second you put them in your hair either. Their low profile makes them great for ponytails, buns and poofs.

Ouidad Coil Ties

The trend of spiral hair ties is still going strong. If you’ve tried to pop one in, then you know that some are so tight that getting them over thick hair is nearly impossible. Ouidad has got you covered with the Made for Curls XL Coil Ties.

Available in a pack of six rose, golden and iridescent hues, these coils expand up to three times their size to hold your hair.

Gimme Beauty’s Hair Bands

Photo Courtesy of Target

Gimme Beauty’s Thick Hair Bands are made of a soft woven elastic to provide maximum comfort. A great benefit of the woven design is that you don’t have to worry about a seam popping on these hair ties. You also can wear these on your wrist without cutting off your circulation.

With this option, you are the in control of how strong the elastic holds your hair in place. Slip it over once for a larger poof or wrap it around your strands multiple times for a tighter pony. With over 1,000 five star reviews, these hair bands are definitely worth a try.

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Bunzee Bands

Have hair so thick that no hair tie has even come close to holding your hair? Then, take a look at Bunzee Bands. Each hair band has a patented locking bead that lets you control how tight you tie the band. You can even double or triple it around a ponytail. Each Bunzee Band has twelve elastics to ensure that the product lasts day-in-day-out. These hair ties come in a pack of two and are available in fifteen colors.

Revlon Hair Elastics

If you adore a classic hair tie, but need the circumference of the moon to hold your hair, then that doesn’t exist yet. However, Revlon’s Extra Long Black Hair Elastics do come close.

At its longest point, according to the product page, the elastics are 6-inches wide. With these hair ties being so large, you can get creative with how you use them in your hair. If you are doing a large poof, wrap the hair elastics once or twice around. If you are opting to install a thick pony, then tie the elastic a few times at the base as many times as you need at the end to secure it in place.

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