Doja Cat is ready to step into a new era. It has been announced that she will be headlining the new Victoria’s Secret World Tour.

Not only will the artist headline the show, but she will also perform only her new music as she transitions away from her old sound to usher in a new style.

Doja Cat x Victoria’s Secret

The new show will air this fall. It will be the first time the lingerie brand will air a televised runway show since 2018. The singer has confirmed that she will be performing two of her newest songs from her upcoming album but did not share which ones. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Doja Cat explained her excitement about working with the historic brand.

“Victoria’s Secret has always been such a fun, go-to brand for me since early on, and I love that I can still say that today,” she shared with the outlet. “Being a part of a global phenomenon like the ‘Tour’ has been an incredible experience.”

The “World Tour” will feature ensembles designed by the brand’s new VS20. It is a group of 20 creatives from around the world who worked with Victoria’s Secret to create stunning displays for the show. Doja Cat also had a part to play in the creation of ensembles. The artist worked with the collective to style her own looks for the performance.

“Because the ‘Tour’ is a celebration of the strength and unique talent of creatives, we really wanted to channel this message through this look,” she said. “I felt so powerful and confident wearing these pieces, which is so important to me.”

Working with Victoria’s Secret helped Doja Cat redefine what beauty meant for her. She said that although her standards of beauty for herself have changed throughout the years, the one thing that is constant is making sure that she likes the way she feels about herself.

“To me, sexy is being comfortable in my own skin and celebrating myself for who I am. Being a part of the Tour really helped connect me with that,” she explained.

The “Victoria’s Secret World Tour” premieres on Prime Video on September 26.