In most cases, dreams about drowning try to pass unique messages to us; therefore, it is normal to dream about such strange things. People often talk about how they are drowning in responsibilities, swamped with work or emails, sinking in debt, and struggling to meet deadlines. Have you considered the deeper meaning of feeling drowned in all these scenarios? You can barely stay afloat of all you need to do.

Dreams are often associated with our emotional stress, subconscious fears, loss of control, and unresolved issues. For example, if you have a lot of overwhelming responsibilities, you may start feeling like they are threatening to pull you down.

The Symbolism Of Dreams About Drowning

Although dreams about drowning usually symbolize some of your current emotional stresses, they may also signify an emotional cleanse and rebirth. Therefore, dreams are not always about negativity and death; some may positively affect your life.

Some of the common symbolisms of these dreams include:

Feeling Overwhelmed Or Drained

Remember a day that you felt drained? Responsibilities, work, stress, and relationships sometimes take a toll on people. It is because all these are part of day-to-day living, and people have attached some expectations to them. It could lead to feeling a lot of pressure resulting in the subconscious mind trying to tell you to take a step back in the form of a dream about drowning.

Life will always have responsibilities and expectations that you must take care of. Therefore, stepping back and relaxing is essential to be the best version of yourself and others.

Losing Control

Life is always good when we are in control. Sometimes, some situations may leave you feeling like everything is falling through the cracks. They may evoke feelings of weakness, mainly if it entails other people’s behavior toward us. This feeling of lack of power may also lead to dreams about drowning where you are trying to save yourself. It is important to remember that in such situations, you can make choices that will shape your reality and you do not have to feel stuck. 

Unresolved Trauma

Dreams about drowning may also be a way to remind you to work on past traumas. It may include drowning or near-drowning experiences that caused trauma. It is essential to seek help from a psychologist or counselor who will help work through the trauma.

Suppressed Emotions

If you cover a boiling pot with a lid, you can only briefly contain the content before it boils over and spills it. This is how human emotions work, as they will always find a way out. Emotions should not be bottled up but should instead be talked about openly. They may manifest themselves in a dream about drowning, where you are trying to stay afloat while all these overwhelming emotions are trying to weigh you down. Talk to someone before you get an emotional outburst.


Not all dreams about drowning are always about negative things. For those who get a sense of calm, warmth, or comfort after a dream about drowning, this should be a sign of letting go of the old. It would also signify a change of mindset or a desire for transformation. 

Common Scenarios Of A Dream About Drowning

Dreaming about drowning may include different scenarios. Evaluating the dream with these different scenarios will help you better understand the dream. Some common drowning dream scenarios include:

Saving Someone From Drowning

This may signify fighting to keep someone or people you care about in your life amidst all the life stressors that come with responsibilities and expectations. It may also resemble your career, relationships, and anything that matters.

When you do not save someone and are watching them drown, it may signify that the situation is out of your control.

Being Saved From Drowning

You might be drowning in some dreams, and someone saves you from it. This may signify that issues are weighing you down and you need help.

Repeated Drowning

This may signify a struggle with recurrent issues in life that are unresolved. The only way to prevent these recurrent drowning dreams is to address the issues or seek help. This may include counseling or talking to close friends or relatives.  

Analysis Of A Dream About Drowning

Dreaming about drowning is mainly associated with the danger of being overwhelmed by emotions and responsibilities. It is, therefore, essential to allow emotions freedom of expression and not to bottle them up, as they will still find a way out. Therefore, the next time you have a drowning dream, it is time to self-evaluate.

When To Seek Help

Some of these drowning dreams may be due to traumatic experiences in the past, and they can only go away when addressed. Their recurrence may result in a lack of sleep, affecting day-to-day activities. Therefore, speaking to a therapist will help resolve the triggers of dreams about drowning for a healthier sleep pattern. 

Dreams about drowning are triggered by events that produce emotions that sometimes make you feel powerless. Suppressed emotions may take the form of things we fear, such as dreams about drowning. Therefore, communication, managing daily stressors, and discussing feelings help manage these dreams. Remember that the dream’s context and what you are currently going through impact the dreams; therefore, evaluate your situation to understand the dream’s true meaning. In case that drowning dream comes, evaluate yourself before making any conclusions. Grab your journal and write down your emotions when you start feeling overwhelmed; this might help you deal with them.