Easter time and good food enjoyed around the table go hand in hand. If you’re in need of some ideas to keep the family happy come brunch time, then this list is made for you. When it comes to the perfect Easter brunch, you need ideas that are tasty, easy to replicate, and full of culture and identity. It can’t get better than that.

With a mix of favorites and some twists on classics, this is how to spruce up your Easter dining.

Crockpot Classic

One easter brunch idea that is sure to put smiles on people’s faces is this overnight casserole. The dish layers a number of tasty favorites to make this a staple at the table. This TikTok video walks people through the perfect way to achieve the best results. The fuss-free method makes it even more preferable. Simply add your favorite hashbrowns, meat, cheese, veggies and repeat the layers. Once the egg mixture is prepared and poured over the food, your work is done. The slow-cooker will work its magic and leave you without having to hurry around the kitchen come brunch time.

A Vegan’s or Vegetarian’s Easter Brunch

Get ready for some vegan meat, yams, mac n cheese, collared greens and gravy. Your Easter Sunday vegan brunch dreams are coming true because of Tabitha Brown. The veganized version of a typical hearty Sunday brunch is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Consider it a greener and leaner version to the brunches that you’re used to on Easter Sunday.


As an alternative to banana bread, these gluten-free muffins are a fluffy, hard-to-put-down treat to make brunch special. If you have gluten-free eaters at your table this Easter or are trying to experiment with gluten-free cooking yourself, this is the perfect meal.

These banana muffins will be a hit at the table for everyone. Sweet, light and extremely flavorful, the muffins bring something different to the table. If you’ve got some overripe bananas siting around, then these muffins will be a quick add to your Easter repertoire.

Apricot-Glazed Lamb

If you’re trying to keep lamb at the table this Easter, but want to switch it up, try out Food Nation’s simple and flavorful recipe. Here’s an Easter brunch idea to truly keep you full and change your approach to cooking lamb for good.

The sweetness of the apricot-glazed lamb adds a festive and wholesome kick to an old-school Easter classic. Enjoy the island flavors and cooking style that makes this lamb worth going back for seconds.

Soul food

There’s always space on our table for sweet potato pie. While not necessarily the first dish you think of on Easter, culturally, sweet potato pie is always welcome at any food gathering.

Adding this classic to the table for Easter Brunch is sure to boost the mood and keep the family smiling. Shae’s Kitchen shares tips for making the best sweet potato pie, while cooking with her Granny. Find out how to do it right and make your most irresistible pie yet.


Rachel Ama

As far as Easter brunch ideas go, Rachel Ama is stepping up to represent the Caribbean.

Bun and cheese is the epitome of Easter in Caribbean cuisine. One, two or three slices later and you’re still not ready to put your fork down. This recipe will keep bellies happy this Easter weekend, if you want to incorporate Caribbean flavors at your table. The trick is to prepare the bun from scratch to get the sweet and savory combination just right. This version is a plant-based bun and cheese recipe and includes vegan butter, vegan cheese, vegan red wine and an old Caribbean favorite, Guinness.

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