Is your kitchen cabinet stacked with water bottles? Then you might already be leaning on emotional support water bottles. 

An emotional support water bottle is a water bottle that quite literally provides you with emotional support. Think of it as a security blanket of sorts. And yes, you can have more than one. 

Lately, social media users have been showcasing their cornucopia of bottles. Each person’s assortment is unique to them. Watch one TikTok user (@melisssa2perez) replace her bottle below.

How can a water bottle provide emotional support?

“In the case of emotional support water bottles, individuals may find comfort and reassurance through the act of self-care and hydration,” licensed psychologist and founder of Atlanta Couples Therapy, Laura Louis PhD, told 21Ninety.

They can be made of any material and have any texture that brings you comfort. Plus, they serve as a reminder to keep yourself hydrated. 

Is it “bad” to have an emotional support water bottle?

According to the licensed psychologist, there is generally no harm in having one (or several) emotional support water bottles.

“However, it’s essential to recognize that while these objects may provide temporary comfort or a sense of security, they should not replace professional mental health treatment when needed,” Dr. Louis added. 

Make sure to take note of other symptoms you may be feeling. If you find that your reliance on a water bottle starts to hinder your life, then it might be time to seek professional mental health counseling.

Now that you’re filled in on all things emotional support water bottles, keep scrolling for some of 21Ninety’s top picks.

Label yours

Turn any water bottle into an emotional support water bottle with Sentinel Supply’s Emotional Support Water Bottle Sticker. The  waterproof sticker is 3.5 inches wide and just under an inch tall.

It’s UV-resistant and weatherproof so it’s perfect for an outdoor workout, too.


Owala is the latest water bottle brand that’s become a favorite of social media users. The FreeSip Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Straw easily opens with the press of a button. You’ll never need to worry about accidentally popping the top. The bottle has a handle that flips down to cover the button.

The stainless steel water bottle also features two options to drink. First is the aforementioned straw. There’s also a sippable spout built into the lid. Best of all the BPA-free bottle has double-wall insulation to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours.


Need a bottle that you can take with you to the gym? Take a look at Dearray’s Motivational Glass Water Bottle with Straw and Time Marker.

This 64-ounce BPA-free glass water bottle comes with a cushioned sling. It keeps this jug by your side at all times for convenient sipping. The sling also has a window that allows you to still take in the written reminders on the bottle.

Additional features include a three-inch wide mouth, a removable straw, and sturdy handle built into the lid.


If infused water bottles bring you emotional support, then turn to Aqulea’s Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Times to Drink. The BPA-free water bottle comes with a removable filter. It allows you to add any fruits or herbs to your water without the worry of accidentally drinking a seed. 

The 32-ounce bottle also has a silicone sleeve to keep the glass bottle protected. It also comes with a brush to keep the water bottle clean between refills. 

You’ll also find motivational words printed next to suggested drinking times so you never forget to rehydrate. 


Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Iron Flask’s Sports Water Bottle is the most customizable container on this list. This bottle comes with three caps: flip, straw, and filtered. This double-wall insulated stainless steel bottle keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. So, if you’re a fan of drinking hot water with lemon, this is the bottle for you. 

The BPA-free bottle comes in over two dozen colors and six sizes: 14, 18, 22, 32, 40, or 60 ounces.