What’s better than staying on top of your oral health? Well, using brands that incorporate sustainability into the forefront of their priorities.

If you’ve been searching for new oral care brands that do exactly that then here are four that we suggest you try!

Minti Oral Care


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Minti Oral Care is an “environmentally friendly oral health care line of products.” Born out of its founder’s desire to “break boundaries by shaking up the dental industry with innovative, good-for-you products that care for the planet, look beautiful on your counter, and represent everyone.” 

The brand features a variety of sustainable products from toothbrushes to toothpaste tablets to “Minti” floss. And it even has an Everyday Trio kit which is perfect for beginners! In the kit you’ll receive one bamboo toothbrush, one tin of 62 toothpaste tablets and one floss in a biodegradable case – all for $20! Yes, you read that right!

Explore the brand now and order yours here!

LISTERINE® is a trusted dental care brand and now the company is doing its part to push sustainability to the forefront. Its LISTERINE® COOL MINT® Zero Mouthwash Concentrate Starter Kit includes one 500mL bottle of LISTERINE COOL MINT Zero Alcohol mouthwash and two 100mL bottles of concentrate. This allows consumers to maintain fresh breath while using 60% less plastic. 

“Once you’ve used the 500 mL COOL MINT® ZERO from the kit, rinse the bottle with drinkable water (do not use soap or place in the dishwasher), fill it up with drinkable water to the water fill line on the front label,” reads the instructions on the brand’s side. “[Then] add the 100 mL mouthwash concentrate and shake gently for approximately 2-weeks of supply of mouthwash when rinsing twice a day.”

This is truly a game-changer. And you can grab your kit now at Rite Aid for just $11.99!

We can’t forget to include our little ones when we get to talking about oral care. And Frost Oral Care is the perfect brand to set them on the right path, early! Be sure to grab their Birthday Cake Toothpaste for your little – not only is it fluoride-free but it’s also vegan and cruelty-free, sugar-free, sulfate-free, and it tastes like an actual birthday cake!

Finally, a toothpaste that you won’t have to beg your kids to use! Grab yours here for just $9.95!

Be honest with us – are you scraping your tongue every time you brush? If you’re not then Gunkii’s Tongue Scraper should be a must-have on your list! This solo product is “crafted and assembled with strict attention” and “made from non-toxic, food-safe aluminum.” It’s also “dramatically” more effective than scrubbing your tongue with your toothbrush. Need we say more?

Grab yours for just $29 here!