There’s a new boss in the rap game and she goes by Big Boss Vette! Repping the streets of St. Louis, Big Boss Vette is known for her viral hit single “Snatched.” This single has accumulated over 15 million streams and 5M views on YouTube!

However, she’s much more than a viral sensation! Vette recently did BET’s official Hip Hop Awards cypher, alongside several live performances content pieces. Her “Make Em Mad” song soundtracked an episode of HBO’s EMMY Award-nominated Insecure from creator Issa Rae. Not to mention she’ll be hitting the stages of Rolling Loud California, which is the largest hip-hop festival in the world.

Her vibrant personality and big smile can capture the attention and hearts of anyone in her presence. She demands respect on any beat with her bold and demanding lyrics and will make you a fan instantly with her catchy and charismatic tone.

21Ninety caught up with Big Boss Vette to talk about the pressures female rappers endure, having viral success, giving back to the community and more!

Liz Smith: I have to say congratulations on so many things but first Rolling Loud California! So you gotta tell me where were you when you received the news? And what was your reaction?

Big Boss Vette: Okay, so my manager told me they might try to get you for Rolling Loud next year. I’m like, okay, okay but it wasn’t confirmed so I didn’t want to get all happy and stuff. I had always told myself though, I am not going to Rolling Loud until I’m on that stage and I was living by it. Fast forward and I want to say like, a couple of weeks ago my manager just sent me a flyer with Big Boss Vette on it. I was at home and when I say I was like, “Oh my God!” It was crazy! I’m grateful, I’m excited and I just knew that it was gonna happen.


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LS: You spoke it into existence! When I say you are literally the perfect artist for Rolling Loud. I hosted the live stream on Twitch in Miami this summer and that crowd is truly insane. What do you think you’re going to bring differently to the stage? For the first time attendees at Rolling Loud what can they expect from your set?

BBV: They can expect me to give it my all and they can expect me to bring a lot of personality. They can expect me to come looking my very best and they can expect some really, really, really bomb music. Even if they don’t know my music, as I’m singing it, they’re gonna be like, “what’s that song and let me go find it!”

LS: Staying on the topic of performing, I’ve seen a number of your performances and each one has been lit. What would you say has been your most live performance and what do you enjoy most about performing?

BBV: My most lit performance was back in like 2019 when I opened up for Megan Thee Stallion. It was so lit and it was in my city with a full house! My favorite part about performing is seeing everyone’s faces when I show up and they know I’m going to kill it.

LS: You definitely do! Now, I know you’ve said before that you’ve always been destined for greatness. I love to see you talk about your career, your goals and aspirations because you just light up and you have this aura about you that’s super contagious. Can you describe what that feeling was, when you knew “I’m destined for greatness?”

BBV: I knew I was destined for greatness my second time in the studio. Well, it wasn’t a real studio, it was still a house. I recorded a cover over the “Move B*tch” beat and when I previewed it, folks went crazy. I started getting booked off of covers and I didn’t even have my own beat because I couldn’t afford it.

I’m not meant to be at the bottom because I’ve already been there so many times and I don’t mind going back but I’m always going to go back up. I’m never just going to stay down, I’m destined for this.

LS: Let’s talk about your viral song “Snatched” which gathered nearly 2 billion views on Tik Tok, accumulated over 15 million streams, 5 million views on YouTube and had some of the biggest names in the world, including Halle Bailey, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, JT from The City Girls and more creating to the track. When you made that track did you know it was going to take off like that?

BBV: When I first recorded that track it was a sample that was going viral and I really wanted to use it. We hop in the stu, made the beat, and added the sample and when it was time to clear the sample it was way too expensive. Being that I’m an upcoming artist, you got to pick your battles and that wasn’t a battle I wanted to pick.

Move on and as soon as I laid my vocals down the song wasn’t even finished and I thought this is going to be it! Me and my label had a list of songs coming and I wanted to move “Snatch” up the list. They were like “you sure” and I had to make them believe that this was gonna be it because I knew it in my heart, my mind, my body, my soul.


#stitch with @kyliejenner AHHHHHH ILY ILY ILY 🥹🫶🏾

♬ Snatched – Big Boss Vette


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♬ Snatched – Big Boss Vette


♬ Snatched – Big Boss Vette

LS: Then you have the remix featuring none other than Flo Milli and Saucy Santana! How did that collab come about?

BBV: When they were asking me who I wanted on there I thought of them and was like “they will kill it!” I was excited when they said yeah they would do it. We made magic because that song is amazing. To have such bigger artists like that was lit and I was grateful for that.

LS: Who’s someone else in the industry you want to collaborate with?

BBV: Um everyone! I want to start off with with Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, City Girls, GloRilla, Gloss, I want to work with them all!

LS: I could definitely see it. And me being an AKA I personally love your song “Pretty Girl Walk.” I’ve noticed that you have no problem giving pretty girls compliments. Is that where the inspiration for the song came from?

BBV: Okay! You gotta make a video! But yeah, I just wanted a song where pretty girls all over the world could jam to. When we came up with the hook and we put it to the beat, it was like ah yeah this is going to be it, this is going to be a good one. I look at it as a commercial song, movies, all that.


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LS: I feel like right now for female rappers there’s a lot of praise, love and collaborations. However, at the same time there’s a lot of hate and comparisons. As a female rapper what pressures do you feel if any and how do you handle them?

BBV: In the beginning, I used to really read the comments and see how people feel about me and then try to show them that I’m not that. I realized you can not please everybody, you can not please the world, just please yourself. I don’t care about it anymore because I’m a great artist and I know I put out good music.

LS: What’s next for you?

BBV: We have “Problems” dropping on January 27th and that’s a big one. A lot of content coming in, we got more visuals to come, we got more music, just a lot more.

I also recently sat down and talked to a high school in my city. Dr. Marty created this group called “Girl, I Got Your Back” and I look at them like my little sisters. I was able to talk to them and tell them how I was sitting in those same seats and I was a bad kid, just being honest! We talked about properly communicating their feelings and to make this group a safe place. I just think it’s an amazing thing what she’s doing.