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If there’s one thing we know about the outstanding Ms. Tracee Ellis Ross, it’s her effortless ability to run a business as well as being one of the most sought out actresses and personalities within entertainment.

Pattern Beauty is one of the ways Ross is incorporating her naturalista roots within the scope of haircare and the growing Black-owned beauty realm at large. Her brand not only pays homage to the perfect wash and go, but is also paying tribute to our ancestors with the perfect dose of TLC for every strand, texture, and style.

The brand recently released their new haircare line PATTERN by Pattern Beauty, and to say this newly crafted line is just what we all need within our beauty cabinets is an understatement. Available at Sephora and in stores nationwide, the line features length retaining ingredients and tools to help you tackle those pesky wash days. From transitioning masks, satin hair caps, and limited edition tortoise hair picks, Pattern Beauty is here with all of your everyday hair needs.

“Our new Transition Mask, Satin Cap, and Tortoise Hair pick are the latest additions to the Treatment Collection. These products infuse hair with length-retaining ingredients and surround strands with luxury, said Tracee exclusively to 21Ninety. She continued, “They join our Treatment Mask and Scalp Serum as we continue to support, treat, and nourish our community’s curls, coils, and tight textures. The Treatment Collection pulls from generations before and modernized historic home remedies.”

Pattern’s effortless treatment essentials are not only helping you to feel more confident and at ease within your everyday hair routine, but are also vital in helping to reverse years of damage that can result from heat, color, and even the stresses that come with everyday life.

“Pride in our legacy and heritage as Black people is behind every product we create. I believe haircare is self-care. These new products treat our textures with nourishing ingredients and build upon a time-honored tradition,” said the black-ish star.

In further building upon time-honored traditions, the brand has also released the launch of their first song, LEGACY, which highlights the importance of authentic beauty as well as helping to uplift the natural hair community. In an effort of paying tribute to those that came before us, the coveted treatment collection, PATTERN, is a part of the ongoing initiative to celebrate Tracee’s love for the arts through music. In addition to LEGACY’S Lullaby,  The brand recently released their own music video which displays beauty, femininity, and culture.

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