The magnificence of womanhood lies within our ability to shape shift. On Saturday, we can give high femme in our Barbiecore look, and by Sunday, we’re serving cozycore in our Adam Sandler-inspired outfits.

But no matter how we choose to express ourselves, we’re always striving to lean deeper into our feminine energy. Whether it’s in our dating lives or self-care routines, there’s nothing like embracing the fullness of our gentle, divine nature. If you feel disconnected from your feminine energy, don’t panic! You’re certainly not alone, and there are plenty of ways to get back in alignment and thrive in the deliciousness of your womanhood.

What is Feminine Energy?

Beyond gender identity, feminine energy refers to the traits that honor the essence of femininity. These traits can be defined by receiving, resting, playing or creating. Like a garden, there’s a tending to your inner world, nurturing yourself with reflection and sweet treats.

Feminine energy is deeply sensual, savoring every flavor, texture and scent you come into contact with. There’s a dialogue you have with your intuition, guiding you away from people or situations that don’t honor you. In turn, there’s a leaning into the things that celebrate your brilliance, like sisterhood, healthy food and naps.

Masculine vs Feminine Energy

The difference between masculine and feminine energy is pretty stark in contrast. Masculine energy strives to go, while feminine energy eases into resting. Masculine energy wants to work, while feminine energy prefers to receive. Masculine energy is the yang, while feminine energy is the yin.

There is a lot of effort that falls under the masculine umbrella, tending to operate more from ego and competition. There’s a desire to win and prove, whereas within feminine energy, there’s an understanding that your worth is unconditional and therefore, there is nothing to prove.

It’s important to note that we need a balance of the two in order to thrive. Nothing would get done if we were only fed grapes while laid atop marble; our masculine energy is our ambition, our willingness to invest time and sweat. Masculine energy is what fuels our progress, while feminine energy soothes us at every rest stop along the way.

Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy

The society we operate in isn’t very supportive of thriving in our feminine energy. We’re bred to value ourselves by output and income, rather than our rest and recovery. As a result, if you’re finding yourself overworked, burnt out or equating your worth to your productivity, your feminine energy may be blocked. You may not be giving yourself the time to invest in what lights you up, because you’re drained from giving yourself to your obligations. 

In turn, signs of high feminine energy include life feeling like it’s in a state of flow. Your desires seem to manifest effortlessly, your intuition is on point, and you’re secure in who you are. You know that there’s room for everyone to win, as long as they have permission to be themselves.

How to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

Feel disconnected from your feminine energy? Many of us do, and that’s okay! Our energy is always fluctuating, and we can easily find ourselves in seasons of masculinity. If you want to honor your feminine energy more intentionally, here are some easy intro steps:

Ritualizing Self Care

If your 10-step skincare routine takes 45 minutes to complete, throw on your favorite playlist and soak in every second of it. It’s important to devote your time and attention to your self-care routine the way you would a work project or household chore. From soft life baths, to morning meditations, to biweekly manicures, you’re worth your investment.

Saying No and Doing Less

While many may think that taking care of everyone is a feminine trait, they’re actually just conflating feminine with maternal, and even so, you still need boundaries. Relinquish the guilt that accompanies saying no, unlearn people-pleasing beliefs you may be subconsciously operating from and be mindful of any unnecessary tasks you add to your to-do list.

Adorning Yourself

Like the ancient goddesses who would grind crystals and use the powder as eyeshadow, your body is a temple that deserves offerings of beauty. Whether that looks like donning statement earrings, tattoos, bold eyeliner, a red lip or a bright head wrap, it’s important to walk into the world feeling like the masterpiece that you are. 

Playing and Exploring

Dancing, painting, writing; whatever creativity looks like for you, make sure you’re being fertile and explorative. We’re all artists, it’s just about finding what our own individual paintbrushes look like. Similarly, hot girl walks in nature or reflective journaling can also be medicine for the soul, so long as you’re being present.

We See You, Sis

Thriving in your feminine energy may make those who haven’t taken the leap to reclaim their power a bit uncomfortable, and that’s okay. The more that you shine your light, the more you’ll give permission for those witnessing you to choose themselves, too.