Peace can be a subjective term depending on what you're going through. As situations change and you are faced with a difficult moment it's important to have patience and not rush the process of finding peace. 

In the absence of having patience, you could add to the lack of peace that you're experiencing. 

However, while there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding peace, it is attainable no matter the situation you're going through. Here are three pieces of advice to get you closer to the peace you desire and deserve. 

Remember Your Identity

In difficult times when your peace has been disturbed, it's a good chance that your identity is under attack as well. 

Whatever difficulty you are facing could be affecting the way you view yourself. Moments where you may have lost something that you desired or someone, could leave some people feeling empty or void and ultimately viewing themselves through a lens of "less than" who they really are. 

A few ways to overcome these feelings and find peace can include praying for joy and strength to persevere, speaking positive affirmations aloud, and meditating on who you believe yourself to be, regardless of the situation. 

Worst-Case Scenario

Writing down the worst-case scenario you think will happen can help you face whatever underlying fear you have about the situation. 

Now, some people may not like this idea because they might naturally think, "well what happens if my worst-case scenario comes true?" 

The point of this exercise isn't to dwell on the worst-case scenario but to focus on facing your fear of running away from difficulty or trying times. 

When you face your fears you build a sense of credibility within yourself, giving you more confidence to tackle difficult times with a sense of peace no matter the outcome. 

Control the Controllable

This next piece of advice might hit home for some people: Stop trying to control everything. 

As black women, we’re often in the center of making all the decisions that can have a negative impact on the peace we have or want to attain. Any expectation that's too great to handle, whether self-imposed or given by someone else, that turns you into a control machine is the beginning of a downward spiral and loss of peace. 

The goal is relinquishing control over things you can't control. This is where true empowerment and inner peace can begin to develop. 

At the end of the day you will find peace and you'll be stronger for going through the journey of finding it.