I’m one of those people that know all of the health benefits that come from being fit and healthy, but when it comes to the actual act of doing the so-called “exercise,” I get a little sense of dread. I know it’s good for me, but sometimes, I am in no mood to work out. The thought of training for a marathon or peddling on a bike or elliptical endlessly isn’t for me. I’ve learned over time that for me to stick to a healthy fitness routine, it has to be different and fun, and I have to mix it up. I can’t do the same activity every day. If you can't enjoy it then why are you doing it, right?

If you are like me, and you want to find some activities to switch up your regular fitness routine, then take a look below for some inspiration.

• Explore somewhere in your hometown that is fresh to you — could be a park, mall, you name it. Get out, get those steps up and explore!

• Work out with some of your friends or neighbors and make sure to do that a few times a week. You should aim to reach a certain amount of milestones or fitness goals together as a team.

• Join a local recreational activity like swimming, volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, etc.

• Take a weekly dance or Zumba classes, or you can always hit up a club with some friends and dance the night away.

• Search Youtube for fun and inspirational workout videos: Fitnessblender, Popsugar, Adidas Women, etc. 

• Create your at-home boot camp with any equipment you have lying around: kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, medicine ball, etc.

• Plan a day-trip to a local museum where you know there will be a lot of walking.

• Take a walk or hike through a peaceful nature trail.

• Volunteer your time doing something helpful like helping with local nonprofits where you can help build or serve something, even help out at a local school or with your church. Not only will you be doing good, but you will be feeling good as well.

• Join a hardcore workout class like Crossfit or SoulCycle.

• Take a tandem bike ride through the park with your significant other.

• Spend a few hours playing with your pet at the park or neighborhood.

• Sign up for an intense fitness challenge or group events like the Color Run or Tough Mudder to build that stamina and endurance.

What are your some of your favorite fun workouts to mix it up?

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