Valentine’s Day isn’t just for chocolate and romance. Celebrating the people around you, whether it’s family, friends or a significant other is truly what makes Valentine’s Day special. Before you bring out the roses and chocolates, plan a fun little Galentine’s Day party or night with the girls.

How exactly did Galentine’s Day become a thing? If you’ve ever binge-watched “Parks and Recreation,” then you’ve definitely heard of the term. Galentine’s Day was officially formed by Leslie Knope (portrayed by Amy Poehler) after the Galentine’s episode aired in 2010. Since then, people have been coming up with creative ways to celebrate their love through friendships, rather than only romantic-centered relationships.

While Galentine’s Day isn’t an official holiday, it’s still just as special as Valentine’s Day. Grab some wine or champagne, pick out your favorite movies, and enjoy your favorite foods for a fun Galentine’s celebration with friends. The great thing about Galentine’s Day is that there are so many ideas and fun themes to work with!

If you want to keep things simple and easy by going to a restaurant or bar, that’s always a great idea. But if you want to go over the top to make Galentine’s special this year, here are 11 ideas to try.

Charcuterie Board Display

Charcuterie boards are a fun and easy Galentine's Day idea. Pictured: A charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards are all the rage for parties. Get together with your gal pals to create the ultimate charcuterie board experience. Have everyone bring a different charcuterie board for this Galentine’s Day idea. Make it fun by giving everyone a fun theme for their board. Have your friends create a board using food items that start with the first letter of their name. Make boards for different cultures like Italian or Mexican food. Have your friends make boards based on their favorite desserts. The possibilities are endless and this is a great way to get creative and have a wide range of different food items.

Galentine’s Day-Themed Cocktails

Celebrate Galentine's day with your favorite pink and red cocktails or mocktails. This idea is easy and great for themed-drinks. Pictured: Pink cocktails

Nothing says Galentine’s Day like celebrating with cute pink and red cocktails or mocktails. Make your favorite drinks using your favorite champagne, alcohol, lemonade, sodas or tea. Add some color to it with pink lemonade, grenadine or red or pink juice. Edible glitter, heart straws and maraschino cherries add the perfect touch to any drink.

A Crochet Party

Crochet different clothing items, coasters, hats and more with this Galentine's Day idea. Pictured: Crochet yarn

Most of TikTok and Instagram are currently flooded with crochet content. Whether that’s crochet outfits, coasters or hats, crocheting is TikTok’s most popular hobby. Why not turn this hobby into a fun Galentine’s Day idea for the night? Buy the tools needed for each person to crochet whatever they want. Or pick a specific item and pattern for them to follow so everyone has a matching and handmade item.

Bouquet of Flowers

Who says flowers have to be for romantic partners. Grab a few of your gal pals and make floral bouquets for this Galentine's Day idea. Pictured: Pink peony flowers.

Flowers don’t have to be just a romantic gesture or for special occasions. Grab your friends and create floral bouquets for this Galentine’s Day idea. Just grab some of your favorite flowers from the store or local florist, lay them out on a table, and have everyone grab flowers to create a gorgeous bouquet. Mix and match different types of flowers for fun! Used pink or red floral paper to incorporate the Valentine’s Day color scheme.

Heart Shaped Pizza

There's nothing better than crust, cheese and pizza sauce with your favorite toppings. Make a heart-shaped pizza for the perfect Galentine's Day celebration. Pictured: Pizza

The quickest way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Create a fun and grease-filled night by making a heart-shaped pizza with your friends. For those having an intimate gathering, make one large pizza with your favorite toppings. You can also have each person make their own personal mini pizzas.

Pottery Painting

Have your own Galentine's Day Pottery class with this idea. Paint your own pottery pieces and show off your creations. Pictured: Pottery

Create your own little art class with a pottery painting night. Grab some paint and pottery from your local craft store and get those creative juices flowing. Set up a painting station with pottery for each person and show off your creations at the end of the night. This saves you the money you’d spend attending a class and gives you more freedom to be as silly as you want in the comfort of your home.

Book Club Theme

Create a book club Galentine's day night with this idea. Grab everyone's favorite book, or the chosen book for the night and discuss the book over wine and food.Pictured: A woman reading in a bookstore

Have a chill Galentine’s Day date with this idea. Have everyone read the same book prior to meeting. Create a few discussion points to talk about the nuances of the book you’re reading. Have everyone discuss the talking points and their opinions. You can even have different food and drinks inspired by the book. If there’s a movie to the book, turn it into a sleepover to watch the movie.

Galentine’s Day Brunch

Gather your friends for a delicious Galentine's Day brunch for this idea. Pictured: A table filled with brunch food

Celebrate Galentine’s Day in true “Parks and Recreation” style like Leslie and Ann in the show. Either cater or make your own Galentine’s Day brunch for your friends with some of your favorite breakfast, lunch and brunch food items. You can even have each friend bring their own special brunch item.

Bake Your Favorite Desserts

Bake your favorite desserts with this Galentines Day idea. Pictured: Valentine's Day baking materials

Valentine’s Day is all about the sweets. The chocolate, cupcakes, ice cream and candy, are extra sweet things that make the day even more special. Have the sweetest Galentine’s Day by baking some of your favorite desserts with your friends. Have stations for sprinkles, piping on icing, baking and more.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

Plan a weekend getaway to the beach or mountains with your friends for this Galentine's Day idea. Pictured: Two Black women enjoying the beach

Plan a weekend getaway with your friends for this Galentines Day idea. Whether you decide to go somewhere in-state or local or across the country, this is such a fun way to explore a new place! Get some sunshine at the beach or cozy up in a cabin in the mountains.

Get Active

Get active with the girls this Galentine's Day with this idea. Take a yoga or aerial class, go ice skating or bowling or go hiking. Pictured: A Black woman doing yoga.

Plan a hike with the girls or take on a yoga or pilates class. This fun Galentines Day idea is a great way to stay active. And of course, we won’t tell if you decide to get yourself a sweet treat or some brunch afterward. From ice skating to bowling to rock climbing, there are so many ways to celebrate Galentine’s by getting active.