Let’s be honest ladies, we all seek beautiful hair, skin, and nails — though sometimes it takes more than a healthy diet and the right topical treatments. There are tons of beauty supplements on the market that promise to target these specific zones, but it can be challenging to determine what works and what's all talk when it comes to nutrition and beauty.

For years, women have relied on creams, superfoods, and potions, all in the name of beauty. But today, an increasing number are instead popping a pill — taking so-called beauty vitamins, ingestible capsules, even gummies that all promise to create healthier hair, skin and nails.

Enter a new line of beauty supplements curated by Nature's Bounty.

Each beauty gel is designed to address specific beauty needs, ranging from getting a good night’s rest to healthy gums and teeth to supporting a bright, glowing complexion. An easy addition to any wellness routine, the new range of beauty gels is an effective way to promote beauty from the inside out.

Get glowing with any of the seven supplements below:

Clear Complexion

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Say no to breakouts and yes to clear skin. Zinc works to get rid of non-cystic acne, while Manganese contains antioxidants.

Even beauty

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Maintain smooth, even-toned complexion with the powerful combination of Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate and Lutemax 2020, a nourishing formula derived from marigolds. This formula also helps support healthy aging for a radiant look.


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Brighten and illuminate a dull complexion with Ceramosides, an extract from wheat seed that works to improved smoothness. The addition of Resveratrol helps fight damaging free radicals so you can get back your glow.


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Insufficient and restless sleep leads to dry, dull skin, among other issues. This beauty gel contains Melatonin to help you sleep, as well as Hyaluronic Acid to refresh and revitalize your complexion overnight.


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The powerful duo of CoQ-10 and Vitamin B12 promotes oral health from the inside out. Vitamin D supports healthy teeth and gums for a beautiful smile.


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Hydrate dry skin from within. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, this beauty gel is ideal for those who suffer from occasional dry skin.

Skin elasticity

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Support healthy aging and skin elasticity with this beauty gel. The innovative formula utilizes critical nutrients to support skin elasticity, including Vitamin A and the proprietary ingredient FloraGLO, a lutein formula that serves as the skin’s nourishing defense to help promote elacisity.

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