I haven’t talked much about the importance of good quality, but also stylish workout clothing and the positive impact it can have on our motivation to get into a solid fitness routine. But as women of color, what about the apparel that empowers us? What about tights covered in original designs inspired by cultural prints? What about pieces that have people of color on them? How about clothing that doesn’t just make you look great while exercising, but actually helps and inspires people? More importantly, where do people of color create the pieces?

Well, they are closer to reach than you think, sis. 

You often can’t find these items in the regular stores, but talented Black-owned fitness brands are popping out there and they can empower and celebrate black culture, while also selling dope stuff. 

Culture Fit high-performance activewear is one of those brands. It is by and for Black women.

According to the site, the inspiration all stemmed from traditional West African prints, which was then reimagined and sculpted into bright, feminine colors that are both modern and classic.

And while the members of CultureFit are of West African descent, the team is built from members all over the world, which is the #culturefit way. That's why they encourage and invite women of all backgrounds to enjoy their pieces to celebrate not only their culture but to embrace the many unique cultures that are around the world. 

If you are looking for something practical and stylish, then look no further sis.

Here is a list of some of Culture Fit's top items. If you see anything you like, use this promo code (applied at checkout): 21NINETY here and get 15% off your first order!

What are you waiting for, sis? 

Photo: Culture Fit

Photo: Culture Fit

Culture Fit Bras, Tops, and Leggings are made with premium moisturize-wicking fabric and West African textiles for working out in comfort. What's even better? The sizes. Clothing options range from S to XL, and they are designed to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes just right. 

Photo: Culture Fit

Photo: Culture Fit

This eco-friendly fitness/yoga mat is topped with an ultra-absorbent microsuede that gets easier to use as you sweat, and it won't look lousy hanging over your shoulder either.

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