From suffocating in boyfriend air to being willingly delulu, social media is constantly giving us different ways to categorize the experiences in our lives and the relationships we have. It’s as if every week, there’s a viral term that validates an unknowingly shared experience, making the world feel smaller and smaller with every hashtag.

One of those viral terms circulating the internet is having a “golden retriever boyfriend,” and it’s just as wonderful as it sounds. Not to be confused with love bombing, these are men who love you for you and find no need for straying. Let’s dissect the roots of this term and how to spot one of these tail-wagging good boys for yourself.

What Is a Golden Retriever Boyfriend?

Once upon a time, it was all the rave to be into bad boys who wore leather jackets, rode motorcycles and had a slew of mommy issues. The toxic situationships women found themselves sick over were typically with men who were unfazed by their existence. Men who needed to be begged for attention, or at the very least, a text back.

Nowadays, the girlies are loving themselves, living in their worth, and recognizing that they deserve more for their love story. This is where golden retriever boyfriends come in.

Kind, attentive men who salivate over the magnificence of your existence, golden retriever boyfriends aren’t the pushovers who lack self-respect. These men are naturally pleasant, easygoing, and a joy to be around, much like a golden retriever.

Their love is unconditional rather than earned, and there’s no need to play games to maintain their attention. There’s a sense of safety you inherently feel within their presence, a sense of security they nurture with reassurance and intention. Golden retriever boyfriends truly make ideal companions, which is probably why the hashtag #goldenretrieverboy has 20.5 million views on TikTok.

Signs You Have a Golden Retriever Boyfriend

As more and more girls take to social media to showcase the perks of dating a golden retriever boy, the signs are becoming clearer. From random texts letting you know they think you’re beautiful, to treats they bring home simply because they thought of you, here are some more indications a boy is a golden retriever boyfriend:

  • He’s romantic, affectionate, and thoughtful.
  • He’s always excited to see you and hear about your day.
  • He’s communicative about his feelings.
  • He showers you with gifts, attention, and quality time.
  • He makes an effort to get to know your family and friends.
  • He’s interested in your passion.

It’s worth noting that it can be easy to self-sabotage when dating a golden retriever boyfriend, due to your nervous system not being used to operating outside of fight or flight mode.

If you’re single and currently navigating the dating scene, there are green flags to look out for to determine whether or not a prospect is golden retriever boyfriend material:

  • He has a good relationship with the women in his life.
  • He has very unproblematic opinions.
  • He’s enthusiastic about planning dates.
  • He’s emotionally available and forward about his intentions.
  • He’s a nice guy who gets along with most people and treats everyone with respect.

You Got This, Sis

Whether you’re a “black cat girlfriend” or just a lonely heart longing for love, remember that you deserve to experience the freedom of falling for a golden retriever boyfriend. We are what we attract, so it’s important that first and foremost, you drench yourself in the unconditional love and compassion you deserve before expecting anyone else to. With enough self-care and an open heart, there’ll be a golden retriever boyfriend in your life who is just as loyal as that real pup in your life.