Halle Berry has always been a stunning woman, and at 52-years-old, that hasn’t changed one bit. Aside from her glowing skin and seemingly always moisturized hair, she’s also very fit. In her latest Instagram stories, she partnered with her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas to host one of their #PHITtalks series which focused on all things snacking.

Photo: @halleberry

Berry revealed that she’s a snacker, “I am a snacker and I need to have snacks, a little bit of food throughout the day.” To get through her day, Berry relies on something we can all get with — protein bars. She also shared that protein bars are her go-to when she’s on set or driving back and forth in her car throughout the day. 

One of her favorites included Designs for Health, a protein bar that she gets from her doctor but can be found on Amazon. The Designs for Health bars are low in calories and sugar, which is beneficial for when snacking in between meals. Another of her favorites for snacking are the Bulletproof bars — she shared that the Vanilla Shortbread flavor is absolute “money.”  

Photo: @halleberry

Berry and her trainer also discussed eating curfews and shared their preferred forms of fasting. Thomas shared that he practices 16:8 intermittent fasting — this means that he has a window of 8 hours in which he eats and a 16-hour window for fasting. Intermittent fasting a great lifestyle choice which promotes weight-loss with less dieting. For Thomas, eating starts between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. and the cut off time is usually between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Berry also shared her fasting techniques which are similar to Thomas’ when it comes to her first meals being around 2 p.m. “Not that I don't get nutrients and vitamins and minerals [during that time]…I just don't sit down and have a meal,” shared Berry according to Women’s Health.  

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