Are you a parent or caregiver of a little one who diligently packs special lunches for daycare and school? If you are, I am sure you know all too well how time-consuming it can be to create something special and exciting each day for your child to enjoy. Lunches for the little ones are often the most difficult to pack; most foods need to be small and soft, which means you’re either spending a lot of time chopping or even more time steaming it up in the kitchen. That’s why I compiled a list of relatively easy and yummy lunch ideas, all kid-friendly, and mom approved. 


Whether they are leftovers from the night before, or you opt for store-bought, pre-cooked meatballs are perfect for little eaters. Chock full of protein and vegetables, they can help keep kids full until recess and after naptime.

What else to pack: Quartered meatballs (store-bought or homemade), sliced apples, blanched broccoli

Breakfast for Lunch  

This is on the list because what kid wouldn’t love having breakfast for lunch?

When I was younger, I know I was so excited to have breakfast for dinner that my mom soon caught on and started packing sweet breakfast surprises in my lunch every day. Try things like yogurt bites because they are less mess and more accessible to the kiddos than a tube or carton. You can also try homemade oats or pre-made pancakes or waffles.

What else to pack: Hard-boiled egg, mixed fruit, cubed cucumber and dips.

Chicken Nuggets

Let’s be real; we all know at least one nugget-obsessed kid out there. I know two in my family alone. Find out your kid's favorite brand, cook them the night before, and keep them on hand for the days when you don’t have the time or strength to pack an elaborate meal. If we are dealing with 2-3-year-olds, make sure to cut the pieces small enough so they can eat them comfortably and without the risk of choking.  

What else to pack: Grapes, red or green, carrots, applesauce cup

Taco Tuesday Lunch Box

Did someone say Tacos? What about Quesadillas? Quesadillas, or even hard or soft shell tacos are an excellent way to mix up the routine of your sandwich-loving kid. You can create them vegetarian style with just beans into the tortilla, or mix it up with some frozen corn and some diced chicken. You heard me right— if you pop the frozen kernels into the lunch early in the morning, they’ll be thawed out by lunchtime sis. #LifeHack.

What else to pack: Diced mango/strawberries, whole grain goldfish, whole grain animal crackers

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