Dating trends are usually unpredictable but if you’re ready to manifest love in your life, you may one to try a vision board for love. Curious about how to envision your dating life using this trend? Read more to find out about Vision Board Dating, a term coined by dating app Plenty of Fish.

The Basics

Vision Board Dating is for singles who want to make the most of their manifesting powers in their love lives. The dating trend is about adjusting your dating app location to somewhere you’re considering moving to. It’s about lining up your dating life to where you want to be rather than where you are. For instance, if you’re currently a city-dweller, but dreaming of living your best life somewhere coastal, then you’d change your dating app preferences to where you want to be located.

Eva Gallagher, Plenty of Fish’s resident dating expert, share’s her thoughts on why the dating trend is set to rise in popularity: “As we approach the new year, it’s a common time for introspection and reevaluating or resetting goals. For many people, starting new in a different city, state or even country, might be the best option.”

Gallagher explains that users change their locations so often that twenty-three percent of singles have noticed that someone they are dating on the app has changed their location to somewhere more desirable.

Expert Advice for VBD

As with all dating trends, it is always best to be aware of how to mindfully and confidently make your mark felt. Approaching the Vision Board Dating trend is all about transparency and honesty. “If you’re considering changing your dating app location to a different city, my biggest advice would be to be open and honest about your situation. If you are really considering making the move elsewhere or if you are just ‘testing the waters’ it’s crucial to be forthright about your actual physical location and if that is going to change, or may change,” Gallagher tells 21Ninety. In other words, don’t be afraid to be real and set up dates for when you’ve actually made the move rather than getting your potential date’s hopes up.

According to Gallagher, it’s important to not only be honest with someone you’re talking to but also with yourself. It’s a chance to consider what is currently realistic. This is a great chance to experience a new place as well as a new dating pool to choose from.

This means that bringing your vision board to life now includes your dream dates. No more dating in less-than-desirable places. If the dating trend is going to get bigger in 2024, then it may be useful to get some ideas pinned already.

Date Ideas For Your Vision Board

Hiking dates: If hiking is your idea of a *chef’s kiss* date, then add Los Angeles or Portland to your list. Some of the hiking capitals of the country are in these cities.

Music-head dates: Album listening parties, outdoor concerts, live music dining — a date isn’t a date without some good tunes. Austin, Texas and New Orleans are three destinations that never disappoint and deserve a special spot on the vision board.

Sunday beach day date: It’s really easy to fall in love at the beach. With the sun reflecting off the ocean, the waves adding a natural sound bite and a good playlist on repeat, you can slow down life and be present with your date. Add Miami, Florida, and California as the best places to live out these date-dreams.

Outdoor picnics and bike riding date: Eternal spring vibes sitting on your vision board? It might be time to make your dream date a reality. U.S. cities that have the best spring include Santa Fe, New Mexico, Colorado, and Coachella Valley, California.

Dance dates: Looking for a dance partner who can keep up with you while you take over a new city? Try Miami for salsa and bachata or New Orleans for vibes.

Vineyard / Wine-tasting date: Vineyard dates are guaranteed to add some romance. In fact, add an apple orchard and wine-tasting in the mix for a similar mood. The top places to consider are within California, Napa Valley and Sonoma. Venture out to France, Portugal, or South Africa if you’re looking for some great international wine-tasting options.

Art date: Add art classes, museums, and art galleries to your vision board. Some of the best locations include New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.