While we all love money, some of the toughest conversations to have, especially in a relationship, surrounds it. If you and your partner are not on the same page when it comes to your collective finances, it may lead to troubling times.

Budgeting together can be the solution to many of your money woes and it can even make you stronger as a couple. Here are some key reasons you and your boo should give budgeting a try, according to Madame Noire

Increases Trust 

Nothing says trust like access to a bank account. While sharing an account or credit cards, you will need to share sensitive information with each other and that can lead to an increase in trust across the board. 

Improves Communication

Sometimes money chat can get… heated, but talking about your finances can help you both learn how to communicate with one another with more efficiency and can provide a lesson on how to take on topics that cause discomfort; such as, telling your partner to need to cut back on their spending in a particular area. 

Gateway To The Future

When making plans with your money, you want to consider the future which allows you to have an open conversation about what’s in store. Maybe a house. Kids. Long-term investments. These are the things you want to consider as a collective and when making financial goals you both stick to. When you obtain those goals that were set off for the “future,” it will make your sacrifices well worth it. 

Creative Date Nights

You don’t have to blow your entire checking account to have a great date night and budgeting helps you two think of ways to enjoy each others’ company without relying on things that cost money. Instead of going out for a movie and dinner, you could stay home, try a recipe you never had before and cook it together and fire up the Netflix. The possibilities are endless! 

Helps Break Bad Habits

That monthly (or let’s be honest, weekly) trip to Sephora may have to be eliminated or cut down in light of your goals. When having these budgeting conversations, your partner may bring up some of your bad habits when it comes to your spending and vice-versa. You may not want to hear it, but to make your budget work, you’ll have to break some of those habits. 

Impress In-Laws

Parents love hearing their children are taking their finances seriously and investing in their future. If your in-laws know you and your partner are being responsible with your money and they plan to pass down money to you, they may feel more secure. Also, if you future budgeting plans include children that will also make them happy on multiple levels. 

Develops A New Skill

Budgeting as a couple also helps you individually. After going through this learning process, you will have the skill for yourself as well and will be able to refer to it when things change in your budget or in your life. 

Budgets Humble You

When you’re living on a budget and you can’t do something you normally would, it makes you a bit more modest and that’s not a bad thing. It teaches you to appreciate the things you have and the things you have earned all the more. 

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