The holidays are a time of year filled with work, family, shopping and parties, so it should be fun right? Well, I have noticed a pattern every time autumn rolls around. It usually begins with feelings of sluggishness and a lack of motivation and inspiration, paired with extreme fatigue and no real will to partake in any life outside of my bed.

Mainly, I want to hibernate all winter and then reappear in March. This year, I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to stay productive, and it’s been working pretty well for me. I’m here to give you five strategies to stay motivated until the end of this year.


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We’re in the home stretch for 2018, so it’s now or never to finish any unmet goals. My suggestion for you is to create a to-do list to keep yourself focused and organized for any significant events that you have left in the year. This season can sometimes be a blur, but I’m determined to enjoy every minute of it and really give it my all this year, and so should you.


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Why not start small with this one? Try setting a weekly goal, one that you are more likely to keep if you create a source of accountability. Say you have a workout goal to hit at the end of the week, or you have been promising to catch up with an old friend or finish a big project at work. Create a way that you can keep track of your progress and keep yourself on the hook until you achieve them.


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The holidays are not the time to play it safe, and this is an excellent time of year to mix things up. Add a new class to your schedule, find a local event that you’ve been dying to check out, or maybe plan a trip for the holidays with family or friends. With just these small changes, you’ll be surprised at how little you need to change to maintain your motivation to get out into the world.


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It always feels like the holidays are gone in the blink of an eye, and I’m left wishing I had done more with the family or taken the time to enjoy the little things. This year, I have actively been making the time for fun. Doing so has allowed me to feel more present and a part of something, which in turn has fought off the seasonal blues. So, relax, take some time off and enjoy some turkey with family. Just don’t lose sight of your goals!


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One thing I’m terrible about is set extremely high expectations for myself. This year, I’ve decided to practice the art of being kind, and not only to others but myself. If I wake up on a particular morning and feel the need to stay in bed an extra hour, I’ll do it without beating myself up for not being immediately constructive. Putting less pressure on ourselves is not only an essential part of good self-care, but it will also allow us to feel less stressed and more motivated in the long haul.

How are you staying motivated this season?

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