It’s officially Libra season and the zodiac’s socialites are going to be impossibly hard to get ahold of. Libra’s are naturally likeable and enchanting. Their presence is high-demand in most social settings. Multiply that demand by a thousand while Libras enter their spotlight during their season. 

Naturally, you have a crush on a Libra. The sleekness of it all, the casual perfection of every outfit they throw together, the carefree energy — we get it. Libras (usually born between September 23 – October 22) are represented by the scales. As the 7th sign in the zodiac and a cardinal sign, they’re usually leaders and take initiative. They’re also known for being light-hearted and lovers of beautiful things.

Grabbing the attention of a Libra is almost a braggable win. They’re either deep in conversation or giving or receiving an array of compliments. Here is how to truly capture your Libra crush’s attention. 

Libras Take Romance Seriously 

Libras basically invented romance. Sometimes they are jokingly referred to as the indecisive hopeless romantics in their friendship groups. It’s important to know that Venus, the ruler of pleasure, romantic relationships and beauty, governs Libra (alongside Taurus). This means that your crush will, knowingly or unknowingly, flirt their way through life, finding romance in the most everyday places. Play into this and be a part of the romantic love story that they’re always longing for. 

On the point of romance, avoid pressuring Libras into making romantic decisions too quickly. Libra is a non-confrontational sign that is used to pleasing everyone and being adored. Despite common belief, they know what they want and simply need a safe and loving space to speak their authentic truths, in time. True romance doesn’t force things, Libras live by this if nothing else. 

Libras and Their Social Life

Next, you need to accept that being in a Libra’s life means being surrounded by their people. Libras are extremely social and they don’t shy away from the people and places that they love. Even the most introverted Libra will find time to live a rich and meaningful life with their chosen few. Being around people often doesn’t mean that everyone has access to a Libra though; if they call someone a ‘friend’, they really mean it. They’ll likely be attracted to folks who share that value of true friendship. Relationships sit high on their list of priorities. Looking good and being seen sits just beneath that, so expect Libras to be outside.

Libras Keeps It Cool

To be clear, Libras don’t do mess and they don’t do hot-headed antics. If you want to keep your Libra close, you’ll benefit from noticing how diplomatic they are. A major turn-off then, would be excessive arguments and strong, one-sided opinions. Libras are calm and collected and rarely pick a side. In social settings, careers and potentially personal relationships (including spicy family dinner table arguments), Libras will find a way to diffuse the fight or drink water and mind their business entirely. 

That being said, if you’re looking to bag a Libra, know that this is one of their potential downsides. When in their shadow, Libras hide their true opinions to not rock the boat. This neutrality might be challenging if you’re a highly opinionated babe. 

Libras Crave Intellectuals

Finally, to truly capture your Libra crush’s attention, let them see that you can indulge in the best of both worlds with them. Libras are known for bringing balance into their loved one’s lives. Often times though, Libras are not always given that same treatment since they take on the role of balancing. To really make your Libra crush feel special, bring about harmony and balance in their lives. Keep the conversation stimulating with intellect and a sprinkle of sexy too. Since Libras are sir signs, they’re full of mental energy but they’re also big on romance and pleasure. Bringing a bit of unexpected balance to your dates will take things to the next level.

Happy Libra season, we hope it’s full of flirty, mind-opening outings. 

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