In the world of astrology, your Venus sign is key to learning about your inner romantic. Astrologically speaking, Venus rules over your passions, desires, values and how you experience pleasure on a daily basis. You can think of planet Venus as revealing how you like to channel love. Venus signs and relationships go hand-in-hand for that reason.

What You Need to Know About Your Venus Sign

Having a strong understanding of your sun sign is useful for greater knowledge of your overall ego, sense of self and essence. Taking a closer look at your natal chart will fill in the whole story.

Honing in on your Venus placement will open your eyes to your Venusian tendencies when it comes to romance and love. Venus is responsible for much more than love and relationship analysis though. This is the planet that also controls money, finances and material possessions. Paired with your Mars sign, it will create a more complete picture of how you approach allure, desire and sex. Read on to find out how your Venus sign influences your relationship to love according to 21Ninety’s outlook.

Aries Venus

You can’t mistake an Aries Venus native’s signature seduction style. Aries is a fire sign meaning that high energy is equally present in a Venus placement. When Venus finds itself in Aries, the love tends to be focused on the initial stages and first dates. After this point, Aries Venus natives tend to find it difficult to keep the fire alight.

For this reason, they’re best paired with individuals who can keep the boredom at bay and relight their excitement in endless ways. Since Venus rules over Libra, and Libra is the oppositional sign to Aries, Venus doesn’t find itself “at home” in Aries. Aries Venus natives’ bold and direct style is not typically Venusian, but still pretty sexy and extremely uncomplicated.

Taurus Venus

Taurus is a sign that knows how to lean into love. Venus in Taurus is all about being unapologetically lovey and mushy. Venus is at home in Taurus, since it is the planetary ruler. This creates a lover who understands pleasure like a second language and is very comfortable catering for their partners. The AstroTwins refer to Taurus and Libra Venus natives as “one of Cupid’s darlings” because these natives tend to fall in love quite easily. Provided they don’t remain too stagnant in their romantic routines, they can be impressive partners.

Gemini Venus

Everyone is all too familiar with the dual nature of a Gemini, and it’s no different with Gemini Venus. The real pull of a Gemini Venus is their versatility. Don’t expect to ever really learn their romantic side. This is where Venus finds itself most elevated by exciting conversation and limitless fun. They want it all, always and in all ways. Venus in Gemini is also most open to polyamory or dating more than one person at once. There is too much connection to be had and when it comes to love, the Gemini flirtatious traits know no end.

Cancer Venus

A Venus in Cancer native is likely to love hard with all they’ve got. Since Cancer is a water sign, specifically a cardinal one, the romance is generally very heart-led rather than thought-led. This isn’t a sign that is afraid of plunging into the scary depths of love and commitment.

A Cancer Venus’ weakness is nurturing and making their partner feel extent of their feelings. It has to be said that the hard outer shell of the crab means that Cancer Venus may be more than a little guarded at first, hiding inside, waiting for confirmation that they can be openly loving in a safe space.

Leo Venus

You will give into adoration with your Leo Venus or you will miss out. This placement is all about getting pleasure from being fearless and knowing personal worth. They absolutely know how to go all out for the ones they love too. When you blend Leo’s love of drama with Venus’ influence on creative expression, you get a partner who thrives at demonstrating love in unthinkable ways. They enjoy the extravagance of giving as well as getting, so first dates will be a string of showing off with the best intentions.

Virgo Venus

High standards define a Virgo Venus. With Venus in Virgo, the sign of the virgin, you see what it means to be picky in love and incredibly open to fairytale romance. Since Virgo is an earth sign, it is natural for a Virgo Venus native to bring a grounding presence to their relationships. When truly in love, a Virgo Venus happily will take care of their partner, sometimes more than themselves. Mercury rules Virgo meaning communication and discernment are top priorities when committing to a loving bond.

Libra Venus

This is the Venus sign that goes hard for romance. For a Libra Venus native, romantic love is gospel. Venus does not only rule over this air sign, but also it manifests in its most enchanting way. Libra Venus natives are known for being charming and extremely lucky in love. The air sign quality means that Venus is in flow. There is no density or hard work involved when Venus is in Libra, rather it should always feel natural. Real romance for this sign is about being listened to, being held and heard in ways that go beyond the stereotypes and that ultimately feel otherworldly.

Scorpio Venus

Heartbreak averse and very into intimacy, a Scorpio Venus might be one of the most powerful and complicated romantic placements of them all. The Scorpio Venus’ greatest turn-on is all about honesty and trust. As an emotionally deep sign, Scorpio isn’t afraid of getting vulnerable with a partner, but it has to be mutual and emotionally safe vulnerability. Show the Scorpio Venus your integrity and your secrets, and you’ll see just how loyal this placement is when deep in love.

Sagittarius Venus

‘Down to have untamed fun’ might be the way you’ll remember any Sagittarius Venus who has entered your life. Life and love is about making memories for this Venus placement.

Realistically speaking, Sagittarius isn’t famous for being the most romantic of all the zodiac. They are here for moments that make life worth living. Moving fast and having intoxicating, unforgettable romances are all part of their lifestyle. They are unafraid of the truth. When they are in love, they don’t deny it, and they’re proud to integrate their person into their many wild life adventures.

Capricorn Venus

Where else would Venus feel like a classic romance movie that you watch relentlessly? This is a Venus sign that knows how to build a stable, loving relationship. Capricorn energy knows what it wants and what it isn’t going to tolerate. Boundaries and discipline meet luxury and simple pleasures when Venus shows up in this cardinal earth sign. Capricorn Venus natives gravitate towards love lives that are full of romantic gestures and anything but messy. While they’re not impartial to a bit of experimenting, they tend to value traditional romantic relationships.

Aquarius Venus

Unlike their Capricorn Venus siblings, the Aquarius Venus likes to keep things cool and unconventional. True to one of Aquarius’ rulers, Uranus, there are no rules worth following when it comes to love. Freedom may show up as non-negotiable in their relationships. When Venus in Aquarius natives seek out romance, they usually like to have lovers who are best friends. Since Aquarius is the water-bearer of the zodiac, they tend to pour into others, but aren’t easily topped up themselves. They’re attracted to unicorns who are open-minded and want to create an abundant, dreamy life together.

Pisces Venus

Pisces Venus tears are what rom-coms are made of. Venus is super cozy in Pisces, making this a generous spot for indulging in the rose bouquets and star-gazing dates. As a mutable water sign, Pisces is known for being hyper-aware of their surroundings, and the emotions of others around them; however, they do no tend as much to their own emotional needs. They’re big on love and get swept up in romantic fantasies more than any other sign. When boundaries are in place, Pisces Venus can be a magnet for the type of love that they’re so good at.