Pretty much everything I do is online. When it comes to my job, I use social media, or for fun, I use social media. My daily activities are almost 100 percent tied to the internet. Then, you take into account the endless work hours, commuting, family and social commitments, as well as making time for exercise and you know, eating. Frequently, we pat ourselves on the back for even making it through the week. Because of this, I feel like once I take my head out of the clouds and my eyes off my device, it can be tough to connect and make real-life friendships. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found out how important it is to get out into the world and make some real-life connections. But, where do you even meet people as an adult without it seeming awkward?

I am here to give you some tips that I have tried, and have so far, been successful for me.

Start Small

If you haven’t been socializing lately, meeting a swarm of new people may seem intimidating. If so, start with baby steps. Begin by putting that phone down. Then, venture into the outside world with both your hands and your eyes free. 

Be willing to expand your social circle and make new friends

How do we bridge the gap between what we see online and what we experience in real life? Try starting with your inner circle of friends, i.e., people you are most comfortable around. Then, take notice of their other friendships and see if you can build a relationship. Just start talking and letting the conversation flow. I am sure if you try this, you will find someone with similar interests that you can make a connection to.

Be willing to be vulnerable with people

This to me is the scariest thing. In the back of my mind, I always think, well what If people won't like what I'm wearing or how I talk… The list is endless. But, you can’t think of it that way. If you need some inspo, try out It is a pretty cool social networking site, customized individually for entrepreneurs, aspiring authors, etc. If you have a niche, it's on there. This is one surefire way that you can meet people quickly and easily. 


These are great avenues for like-minded people. You can check out some personal development workshops or any workshop that interests you really where you will be sure to meet some new and exciting people.

Accept invitations

Are you one of those friends that rarely likes to go out? No shame there, I used to be too. But, if you notice, you aren't cultivating any new experiences or friendships inside of your own home, are you? So, the next time that you are asked out to an activity, try not to reject the idea immediately. When you deny the majority of invites thrown your way, because you would rather stay home, your social circle will remain limited. If you want to gain more friendships, you have to put in the work and step out of your comfort zone. It's just a fact.

Is there anyone else out there that struggles with making connections in a digital age? How do you work to combat that?

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