If you feel intimidated by making the first move on a man you like, it's understandable. You're worried that if you initiate, you might come across as too aggressive or even desperate.  Many men admire women who are confident enough to approach them and strike up a conversation. Even if you failed at relationships in the past, it doesn't mean that you're not capable of building a better relationship now. Accept your past failures, learn from them, and then boldly pursue other people.  Here are ways to initiate a conversation with a man you like.

Ask His Opinion About Something

If you're around your crush and want to get his attention, ask for his opinion on something that you need help with. You can ask him, "I'm trying to find the best neighborhood to relocate to since I'm moving out of my apartment soon.  Do you have any recommendations?"  If he gives a detailed answer, this can turn into a conversation, and maybe the two of you can exchange numbers. 

Give Him Compliments

Men like to be complimented, and this is a fun and straightforward way to make the first move. Maybe you admire how he is raising his nephews after your sister's death occurred years ago.  Say, "I think it is really nice to see how you're influencing your nephews in a positive way. They're blessed to have an uncle like you."  Or if you like how he wears well-tailored suits to work, mention how nice he looks in them.

Make Eye Contact and Smile

You don't have to resort to crazy gimmicks in order to make the first move on a man. Making eye contact and smiling at your crush can go a long way in letting him know you're interested. It shows that you're self-confident and that you have great social skills. 

Use Positive Self-Talk Before Approaching Him

The right attitude is just as important in finding the confidence to approach the man you like.  Tell yourself the positive qualities that you love about yourself, and how they are attractive to a potential partner.  Maybe you have beautiful curves and nice dark brown hair. Other cool qualities might include your ability to be a good listener, your nurturing personality, your fantastic cooking skills, and how well you stay organized in life.

You're making a bold statement by making the first move.  You're letting him know that you have what it takes to be an amazing partner and that you don't have to compare yourself to others in order to be self-assured.

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