Having the winter blues? I have a solution: DIY sugar scrub party. When you think about it, homemade scrubs is kind of like when you first learn how to cook. 

Once you've got the basics down, you experiment with adding different ingredients, and that’s when you can start to have fun. There are plenty of scrubs catered to yummy recipes out there, so why not turn one of my favorite drinks into a scrub? 

Instead of suffering a massive hangover from the real deal, save your body and the salt and tequila to make the perfect margarita body scrub right at home. It smells just like the real thing, and after using this DIY recipe, my skin (especially my feet) feels soft and smooth.


• 1/2 cup salt, dealers choice
• Two tablespoons of olive oil
• 1-2 tablespoons tequila
• Juice from 1 lime

These ingredients are key because tequila and lime juice are natural antiseptics. The salt helps with exfoliation and the olive oil adds plenty of moisture.


1. Throw all ingredients together in small bowl until you have a paste. 

2. Add olive oil as desired. 

3. Then scrub away in the shower. As always, make sure you haven't freshly shaved or waxed your body because that could be painful, sis.

Will you have any margaritas this weekend? 

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