Drinking your water, minding your business, and saving your money. This is the general vibe that most people have when transitioning into their goal-getting era. Imagine adding another layer into the mix: gaining the ability to manifest money.

Whether manifesting money or other desires, it all starts with a healthy mindset. Manifesting money and becoming wealthy-minded is all about the influences of your thoughts. Living the life of your dreams and attracting money doesn’t have to be a far-off wish.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation found its way into everyday language some years ago and, for some, it has become a lifestyle. Manifestation is defined as thinking or envisioning something and having it come into existence. Books, such as “The Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks and “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, popularized manifestation. With the help of these books and others like them, many became fascinated with the powers of their subconscious minds.

Joe Dispenza, the author of “Becoming Supernatural,” said manifestation is rooted in positive self-analysis. Dispenza elaborates on what an abundant mind looks like, how abundant people evolve their experience and “know they’ve earned the right for it.”

Whether manifesting using certain soundtracks or triggers, using crystals, storyboarding scenarios or affirmations, the options are endless. However, the results are the same: receiving what you asked for.

To Manifest Money, Change Your Mindset

Efia Sulter is a mindset and manifestation coach, and the host of The Manifest Edit Podcast. Her mission is centered around empowering ambitious women to stop playing small and access their innate magic, so they can expand their current reality. Sulter said that envisioning what an enriching life looks like is an unmissable part of the process.

“Decide what your rich life actually looks like,” Sulter said. “Start by getting specific on the details of what your values are and what’s important to you, and work your way from there to your intentions. As you do, you’ll realize that your dreams aren’t as big as you thought they were, and that’s a really good thing. When your financial goals seem out of reach, it makes it much easier to feel justified in the excuses you make for not taking action.”

Be Aware

The next thing to be aware of is the spiritual aspect of manifesting money.

“Manifesting money is both spiritual and practical, so cultivate balance between the two,” she said. “Find practices that help you feel connected to your higher self then use that higher self-guidance to inform the practical actions that you take.”

If you’re struggling to fathom how to combine the spiritual with the practical, Sulter offers this personal approach.

“Something I love to do is looking for evidence to back up my positive beliefs around money,” she said. “I make it a game to see how much evidence I can find that things are going my way, and if I’m struggling to find evidence, I create some. Do something immediate, like selling something on Facebook marketplace. Another example is to set up your future by learning how to invest in and make your money work for you.”

The manifestation coach noted that this can be intensely transformative when recoding existing beliefs for ones that are more conducive to success.

Analyze Your Past or Current Relationship With Money

Working on becoming confident manifesting money is also about shifting limiting beliefs. For Sulter, it is more accurate to speak of shifting beliefs around identities. In looking at changing your mindset, Sulter said to “notice what stories you’re currently telling yourself about your finances.” These may be holding you back from manifesting money. She said that the past or current narrative doesn’t need to define your story going forward.

If you’re still not comfortable with money, then Sulter said to create a sacred ceremony around money.

“Using the power of ceremony you can attract more money by building a healthy and loving relationship with money,” she said. “The results of a money ritual can help you to rewire your neural pathways, which in turn, change the way your brain operates when thinking about money on a biochemical level.”