There are several ways that you can use crystals for self-love, but knowing which crystal is for you is the first step. Whether your self-love comes in the form of emotional healing or raising self-confidence, there are several options for you to look into.

Self-love is more than a trend. It is a way of listening to yourself. Since the journey to self-love is never simple, incorporating crystals may be a wonderful way to build self-love rituals. Here are six crystals to promote self-love.

Rose Quartz

Adding a rose quartz to your collection is the ideal way to boost self-love. This crystal has heart-opening properties and is the perfect crystal for working with your heart chakra. When the heart chakra is open, there is a flow of self-trust, compassion, joy and an overall sense of gratitude. Experiencing these elevated emotions makes it easier to turn inward with loving energy. Rose Quartz is also a great crystal for self-soothing, which is why it is a staple for beginners to crystals.

Rainbow Moonstone

This is the stone for new beginnings and is a treasure for anyone looking to release old patterns and embrace loving ones. As a stone known to help release stress and stabilize emotions, it is a great option to connect with on your self-love journey. This is also a stone that helps heighten the connection to feminine energy. Any wounds or resistance around embracing soft, feminine energy could be healed while working with this stone.


As the ultimate pick for good vibes, Amethyst is a treasured crystal for its deeply soothing abilities. Amethyst is a spiritual quartz. It is often associated with the third eye chakra. Therefore, it is beneficial for creating stronger intuition and clear-mindedness. On your self-love journey, you should be focused and unstressed. It is essential to honor yourself and your path. With an amethyst in your collection, you can almost guarantee enlightenment and spiritual re-centering.


If you’re looking for a stone to help you balance out that yin and yang energy, then you’re in luck. This choice stone is super useful if you’re seeking more harmony in your life. Rhodonite is a very powerful stone. It is best for when you’ve been through a tough or extremely traumatic experience. When used in these circumstances, rhodonite will lift your mood and nourish you at a deeper, emotional, and spiritual level. Rhodonite not only releases past traumas, but also encourages you to be brave and identify what else is blocking your path to self-love and inner peace.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a metamorphic rock that carries a powerful energy. It is a gem stone for attracting prosperity and vitality. People have used tiger’s eye for centuries to protect them against physical harm.

The solar plexus and sacral chakras are associated to tiger’s eye, which makes it perfect for self-love. It is great for creativity, self-confidence, self-acceptance and success. The warm energy from this stone grounds you and a provides a healed sense of who you are at your highest potential.


Self-love is all about positive self-talk and high levels of self-confidence. Amazonite ignites improved inner dialogues so that you reject anything that suggests negative self-perception. It is a crystal that releases anxiety and fear. When working with amazonite, you can expect a greater sense of self-advocacy and ease when setting boundaries.

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