So — it’s the day after binge-eating, holiday games with the fam and hours of cooking. Maybe there were even some late night parties with too many cocktails, and then, of course, there's that slice of pie you wish you didn't have, or three (no judgment coming from over here). It’s no wonder we’re all exhausted once Thanksgiving is over.  

Now that the Thanksgiving festivities are finally ended, it’s time to work on getting back to our usual selves. This may seem tricky, but here are a few things I like to do to swing back into my routine in no time. 

Try these five steps to overcome your holiday hangovers and get back in the groove:

1. Get Plenty of ZZZ’s

Sleep is essential for our bodies to recoup. Even if you have a crazy schedule and have stayed up until dawn, make sure you’re putting the focus back on getting in some good hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. You will notice an increase in energy levels in no time. 

2. Eat Fresh

After all of the fatty, dense foods from the holidays, there’s nothing quite like some fresh produce to help your body recover. Now, we're not saying don't indulge in some good ol' fashioned leftovers — but try to incorporate lots of fresh, leafy greens and raw veggies into your diet to make up for all of the splurging you did over Thanksgiving break. Seasonal soups and salads are great ways to up your vegetable intake this time of year.

3. Stay Hydrated

Sorry ladies, sangria doesn’t count. It's super important to stay hydrated, especially during the holidays. Drinking plenty of water can only aid your digestive system in processing all that food you’ve been eating. However, it doesn’t just stop with your insides – make sure you keep your outsides hydrated too! Slather on those moisturizing creams, and always keep balms and lotions on hand to avoid chapped lips and cracked hands.

4. Work up a sweat

Despite lackluster energy levels, do not stay sedentary. Getting a good sweat session in is a great way to make you feel better and help you recover from all of the yummy Thanksgiving treats you encountered. Even something as simple as a brisk walk around your neighborhood with your family and friends can get those endorphins pumping.

5. Take It Easy

The fall and winter months have always felt like slow months to me, and I think that’s a good thing. After such a busy season, it’s best to allow ourselves a bit of “hibernation” time to rest and recover. Sleep in when you can, wear your favorite comfy pajamas, stay in for the night if you don’t feel like going out, do the things that allow you to take care of yourself, and you will be good to go in no time.

How are you recovering from the craziness of Thanksgiving?

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