Can you believe 2019 is almost here? This year has been very eventful and full of so many changes for me, good and bad, and I can say that I am ready to put 2018 to rest and start a new year. 

I love this time right around December because it allows for some new positive energy to enter my life. For all of you that want to start 2019 off with the same “new year, new me” mindset that I have, here is a list of things to try for the new year.

1. Buy yourself a shiny new planner, or clean out the one you’re currently using

2. Pick up a new mantra for the year; mine is “Unlearn old truths, to begin to lead in new ways”

3. If you are at all religious, this is a great time to invest in a new church, Bible study or daily devotional that interests you

4. Make a list of any big or small goals you’d like to achieve in the new year, and come up with achievable milestones to reach each one

5. Acquire a new hobby,  and commit to it this year

7. Declutter every room in your house (especially any closets, bookcases, desks, filing cabinets)

10. Dust off your workout gear and cultivate a new fitness routine

11. For a space refresh, think about redecorating your space for the new year

12. Try new things in the year; whether it be food, travel, classes – you name it

13. Get a fresh new haircut, hair color, wardrobe update, anything that switches it up from your normal routine

14. Reconsider any elements that are holding you back (toxic relationships, jobs that aren’t challenging you, old friendships that no longer benefit either of you), so you can go into the new year with a fresh and brave start

How are you prepping for 2019?

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