Figuring out how to tell if a girl likes you is like trying to read a person’s mind. The point here: Sometimes you really just can’t tell. Especially in queer or lesbian relationships. However, If a girl shows interest in you, believe it or not, there are certainly a few ways to know if she has a crush on you. Whether it’s eye contact or flirtatious gestures, trust us, if a girl really likes you, you won’t have to ask, you’ll simply just … know.

And though there are a variety of women out there who enjoy different ways of expressing interest, chances are that most women enjoy being pursued first and tend to open up more once the chase has commenced. Now, we’re not saying all women are like this, but there’s definitely something to vulnerability that drives women crazy, which in turn, can spark romantic feelings even more.

If you’ve been wondering how to tell if a girl likes you, below are nine telltale signs.

She Initiates Contact

If she often initiates conversations, texts, or calls you, this is definitely a positive sign. Initiating contact suggests she wants to connect with you and shows that she wants to get to know you better.

She Engages in Conversation

Pay attention to how she engages in meaningful conversation. If she asks questions, listens attentively, and responds thoughtfully, she’s definitely interested in you beyond the surface level.

Body Language

Pay attention to her body language. If she maintains eye contact while talking to you, smiles frequently, or leans in when you’re speaking, these are telltale signs of attraction. If she touches your hand or your arm and wants to get closer to you, this is also a positive sign that she likes you.

She Finds Reasons to Be Around You

If she often seems to be where you are, whether at social events or casual hangouts, or puts you as a priority in her busy schedule, it could be because she wants to spend time with you.

Compliments and Teasing

If a girl likes you, she’ll express her interest in giving you compliments or teasing you in a playful manner. This can indicate that she’s trying to get your attention and make a connection.

Remembering the Little Details

If she remembers and brings up details about your life or in previous conversations, it shows that she’s paying attention and cares about what you say. Remembering even the littlest of details is a sure sign that she’s interested.

She Gets Jealous or Protective

And though this may not be the healthiest of signs, if she shows signs of jealousy when you talk to or spend time with other girls, it may suggest that she has feelings for you. Unless agreed upon, refrain from talking about other romantic interests while you are together if you want to move forward and take things to the next level.

She Asks About Your Relationship Status

If she’s interested in your dating life or whether or not you’re seeing someone else, it could be an indicator that she’s interested in furthering a romantic relationship. Even if you’re not in a state to seriously date at the moment, honest communication can go a long way.

She Drops Hints That She Likes You

This is probably the easiest way to tell if someone likes you or not. And though it’s not the most overt way for her to share her feelings, dropping subtle hints or making ambiguous statements to test the waters and see how you respond is a positive sign that she’s into you. For instance, if she says something like, “So, are you going to take me on another date?” this is a positive indicator. She’s shooting her shot without being overly specific. So don’t fumble and be sure to pay attention to the signs!