As the days get colder and the leaves start to change, the air becomes drier which can often have an effect on 4c hair. Transitioning from fall to winter brings a set of distinct challenges when it comes to your locks, so it is important that you take steps to protect them!

Introducing Dr. Gaby Longsworth, Hair Care Extraordinare

Dr. Gaby Longsworth, Ph.D. is the owner of hair care and styling sites Absolutely Everything Curly and CurlPlanet. As a scientist and certified hair practitioner, Dr. Longsworth knows all about Black hair. Thus, she created the sites as invaluable resources for all your hair needs, from detailed guides to product recommendations. 

How 4c Hair Girlies Can Transition From Fall to Winter According to Experts

According to Dr. Longsworth, there are many ways to protect your hair as you transition from fall to winter. Here are her top ten suggestions for doing so:

  1. NEVER use brushes on dry hair.
  2. Finger combing while detangling is best.
  3. If you do use a comb or a brush, it should be a wide tooth comb and only when hair is soaking wet and saturated with conditioner. If using a brush, it should be a detangling brush and used only on soaking wet hair saturated with a high slip conditioner. Divide high density hair in as many sections as possible, before detangling with a detangling brush. 
  4. Do not use any heat on your hair. Once your hair is healthy you can use a hooded dryer on cold air or low heat, or a diffuser. Lubricate your scalp with oil if needed, once or twice a week.
  5. If you have low porosity hair, deep condition with steam or heat (such as with a thermal heat cap).
  6. Keep tight hair styles or pulling at your edges to a minimum.
  7. Detox or clarify your scalp once or twice a month.
  8. Use the LOCG or LCOG (Liquid/leave-in, Cream, Gel, Oil ) method.
  9. At night, cover your hair with satin or silk or put it up in a pineapple, and use a silk pillowcase.
  10. Choose protective hairstyles when possible.

With the right products and a bit of extra care, 4c hair can remain strong and healthy no matter the season. From deep conditioning treatments to heat protectants, here are five products to help you transition from fall to winter for 4c hair:

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Melanin Haircare – African Black Soap Reviving Shampoo

Melanin Hair Care African Black Soap Reviving Shampoo
Photo Credit: Melanin Hair Care

The “African Black Soap Reviving Shampoo” from Black-owned hair care company Melanin Haircare is a godsend for 4c hair girlies.

Enhanced with cocoa and shea butters, argan oil, and pro-vitamin B5, this clarifying shampoo is sure to nourish and condition your hair while promoting increased elasticity.

It also includes a powerful blend of tea tree, black cumin seed, rosemary, and peppermint oils for its healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Not to mention, the addition of turmeric root extract helps to soothe and calm an itchy and irritated scalp for transformative hair growth. This blend of ingredients results in healthy, shiny hair.


Alodia Nourish and Grow Healthy Hair and Scalp Oil
Photo Credit: Alodia

Alodia Hair Care is a revolutionary new hair care brand founded by medical scientist and Trichology practitioner Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris. With her expert background, she developed a range of quality natural hair care products tailored to the needs of different hair types and textures.

Their “Nourish and Grow Healthy Hair and Scalp Oil” repairs damaged hair strands or a dry scalp by packing your locks with hydration. Not only that, this small but mighty hair oil also works to enrich and stimulate your scalp to prevent breakage for better length retention.

To use: apply the product to damp hair, working it into your scalp. Then, allow the oil to sit on your hair for at least five minutes before rinsing.


I.C.O.N. – Power Peptides Molecular Hair Treatment

I.C.O.N. Power Peptides Molecular Hair Treatment
Photo Credit: I.C.O.N.

Formulated with powerful pea proteins, the Power Peptides Molecular Hair Treatment from woman-owned and operated hair care company I.C.O.N. is the best way to stop frizz in its tracks.

Pea proteins are the best-kept secret to gorgeous, frizz-free hair. They are known to penetrate your cuticle layer, healing and protecting your strands from future damage – all while promoting growth for strong and healthy locks.

Plus, its blend of hydrating amino acid molecules helps to prevent breakage, encouraging growth and retention instead. And unlike other molecular hair treatments, Power Peptides does not require heat to activate its ingredients, making it convenient to use anywhere, at any time.

DreamGirls – Revival Deep Treatment

DreamGirls Revival Deep Treatment
Photo Credit: DreamGirls

When it comes to hair care, the DreamGirls Revival Deep Treatment is an ideal solution for dry and damaged locks. Made with ginseng and bamboo, this deep treatment is designed to target the innermost layers of your hair shafts, providing intense hydration and nourishment. This can help strengthen and restore natural oils, making them more resistant to damage. Not to mention, deep treatments are great for adding shine and softness that are difficult to attain otherwise.

Many products on the market promise instant gratification but leave behind an oily coating or residue on the surface layer of your strands. Instead, the “Revival Deep Treatment” penetrates much deeper than this, giving you long-lasting moisture that won’t wash away.


Always Covered XXL Satin-Lined Night & Day Cap
Photo Credit: Always Covered

To protect your hair, the XXL Satin-Lined Night & Day Cap from Always Covered is one of the best options available. This cap is lined with satin, a soft material that helps protect against split ends and breakage, while not causing strain on the scalp. Not to mention, it can also help you better maintain your hairstyle overnight, keeping frizz and flyaways at bay.

This satin cap prevents snagging or pulling at the strands of your hair which could lead to breakage, unlike other headwear made from materials such as polyester and cotton. And its adjustable strap allows for a more comfortable fit that is sure to stay put as you sleep.