“How Well Do You Know Me?” can be a great game to play with old or new friends on game night or with your partner. If it’s with a new partner, these “How Well Do You Know Me?” questions get you even deeper into the relationship. Think of it as a next-level sort of game. How? Well, for starters, with each question being answered make sure it is accompanied by a legitimate example or reason. This will really show how well a partner knows you.

Want to spice things up a little bit, as well? For each wrong answer your partner gives, he or she has to take a shot. But be careful, depending on how well they really know you, it might have to be lowered to half a shot (or the game will end super early). And don’t forget that as a wrong answer is given and a shot penalty is determined, your partner has the right to challenge. What is a challenge? They have the right to defend their answer with further examples given. You never know, they might know you better than yourself. And if you determine that they, indeed, have a point? Well, that’s a shot and a half for you.

Let’s get started with the basics and progress. By all means, peruse this list of “How Well Do You Know Me?” questions and jump straight to the challenging and fun ones.

Personal Background

1. What is my full name?

2. When and where was I born?

3. Do I have any siblings? If so, how many?

4. Where did I grow up?

5. What is my zodiac sign?

6. What is my favorite childhood memory?

7. What is the name of my hometown?


8. What is my favorite color?

9. What is my favorite book?

10. Who is my favorite author?

11. What is my favorite movie?

12. What is my favorite type of cuisine?

13. What is my favorite song?

14. Do I prefer coffee or tea?

15. What is my favorite season?

16. What is my favorite holiday?

17. What is my favorite animal?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions: Relationships

18. Who are my closest friends?

19. How did we meet each other?

20. Do I have any pets? If so, what are their names?

21. Who is my best friend from childhood?

22. Do I have a significant other? If yes, how did we meet?

23. What are some of my hobbies that involve others?


24. Am I an introvert or an extrovert?

25. What is my preferred way to spend a quiet evening?

26. Do I enjoy outdoor activities? If so, which ones?

27. What is my favorite type of exercise?

28. Do I enjoy cooking? If yes, what’s my signature dish?

29. What is my favorite type of dessert?

30. What kind of music do I enjoy listening to the most?

31. Do I prefer sweet or savory foods?


32. What is my dream travel destination?

33. Have I ever traveled out of the country? If yes, where?

34. What was the most memorable trip I’ve ever taken?

35. Am I a spontaneous traveler or a planner?

36. What is the one place I’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t yet?

Work and Career

37. What is my current job or profession?

38. What field do I work in?

39. What is my educational background?

40. How long have I been working in my current job?

41. Do I enjoy my current job? Why or why not?

42. What is my dream job?

Personality Traits

43. Am I an optimist or a pessimist?

44. What is my love language?

45. Do I prefer routine or spontaneity?

46. Am I a risk-taker or do I prefer to play it safe?

47. What are my strengths and weaknesses?

48. How do I handle stress or challenges?

Childhood and School

49. What was my favorite subject in school?

50. Did I play any sports or engage in extracurricular activities?

51. What was my first job as a teenager?

52. Did I have any unique or quirky habits as a child?

53. Who was my favorite teacher and why?

54. What did I want to be when I grew up as a child?

Future and Goals

55. What are some of my short-term goals?

56. What are some of my long-term goals?

57. Where do I see myself in five years?

58. What is something I’ve always wanted to learn or master?

59. What are my aspirations for my personal life?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions: Random Fun

60. What is my go-to comfort food?

61. Do I have any hidden talents?

62. What is my favorite type of weather?

63. What is my most-used emoji?

64. What is my favorite type of footwear?

65. Do I have any phobias?

Technology and Entertainment

66. Am I more of a book person or a movie/TV person?

67. What is my favorite video game (if applicable)?

68. Do I enjoy board games or video games more?

69. Do I follow any specific YouTubers or online personalities?

70. What type of movies or TV shows do I enjoy the most?


71. What was the first concert I ever attended?

72. What is the most embarrassing moment I’ve shared with you?

73. What is a childhood memory of mine that you remember?

74. What is the best gift I’ve ever given you?

75. What is the best gift you’ve given me?

Philosophical and Ethical Beliefs

76. What is my stance on social issues like equality and justice?

77. What are some of my core beliefs and values?

78. Do I have any strong political opinions?

79. What is my opinion on the concept of fate or destiny?

80. What are my thoughts on spirituality or religion?

Communication and Interaction

81. How do I handle conflicts or disagreements?

82. Am I a good listener, or do I prefer to talk?

83. What is my preferred method of communication (text, call, in-person)?

84. Do I enjoy parties and social gatherings, or do I prefer one-on-one interactions?

85. How do I usually express happiness or excitement?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions: Quirks and Habits

86. Do I have any unusual eating habits or food combinations?

87. What is something I do when I’m nervous?

88. Do I collect anything? If yes, what do I collect?

89. Do I have any morning or nighttime rituals?

90. What is a pet peeve of mine?


91. What are some of my financial goals or habits?

92. Am I a spender or a saver?

93. What is something I’d like to save money for?

94. Do I have any investment plans or strategies?

95. How do I feel about budgeting and financial planning?

Health and Wellness

96. What is my approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

97. Do I have any allergies or dietary restrictions?

98. How do I handle stress or take care of my mental health?

99. What is my favorite way to unwind and relax?

100. Do I have any health-related goals for the future?