Despite her slew of viral hits, Ice Spice is still a relatively new face in the hip hop world. The talented femcee first made a splash online with her 2021 single “Bully Freestyle” which gained traction after clips of the young vocalist doing the “Buss It challenge” went viral across social media.

Since then, Ice Spice has managed to capture the hearts, souls, and streaming hours of fans all over the world, and all without releasing a debut full-length LP. Still, according to a write-up in Parade, Ice Spice’s net worth as of February 2024 is a staggering $8 million and rising, prompting fans to wonder just how high the up-and-coming rapper can go. 

Ice Spice Is Only 24 Years Old 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

While $8 million may not seem like such an unbelievable figure in comparison to many prominent rappers, some of whom have accumulated billions over the course of their careers, Ice Spice has managed to amass this figure in just a few short years before reaching the age of 25. The Bronx-born artist was born on January 1, 20000, to a father who dabbled in the underground rap scene at the time. Thanks to her father and her New York upbringing, Ice Spice was raised in a pervasive culture of hip hop, allowing her to hone her lyrical skills from an early age. 

In high school, she developed the moniker Ice Spice, playing off a rhyme for her real name, which is Isis Gaston. Like many young artists, Ice Spice was able to leverage social media algorithms to organically grow an audience of listeners, allowing her to gain an early foothold in the music industry, with very little up-front investment. Her resulting hard work and determination gave way for a number of financial successes, including a prominent placement in a Super Bowl advertisement, and a multi-million dollar record deal. 

How Did Ice Spice Make Her Money? 

Ice Spice currently maintains over 25 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Despite her massive listenership, most of the young woman’s money doesn’t come from streaming services, which notoriously pay out very little. According to insiders close to the artist, Ice Spice signed a deal worth $3 million with Capitol Records and 10K Projects, which accounts for a sizable chunk of her current net worth. Capitol Records is home to artists such as Doechii, Kodak Black and Katy Perry, while 10K Projects houses such acts as Internet Money, Jeleel! and Trippie Redd. 

Ice Spice also tours frequently, performing in a number of massive venues across the world, proving just how well fans far and wide recognize her music. Some tracks, such as “Munch (Feelin’ U)” have even brought in millions on their own, as Ice Spice’s music is often utilized in viral TikTok sounds and other promotional materials. According to a write-up in Revolt, Ice Spice made over $2 million on the popular track in the Summer of 2022, prompting her to take to social media to give away free sums of money to her fans and supporters. 

The 24-Year-Old Has a Strong Business Acumen

Despite her young age, Ice Spice seems to have an excellent understanding of the music industry landscape. Working closely with her manager James Rosemond Jr, the artist was able to learn a great deal about money-making long before she secured her millions. With her career essentially just getting started, there’s no way to predict how massive Ice Spice will grow in the years to come. The young rapper recently shared with her fans that she has completed the recording of her long-awaited debut album Y2K, meaning her expansive portfolio of hits may be on pace to grow substantially any day now.