Learning how to set goals has become an integral important of my life. I always used to tell myself “oh this needs to be done immediately” and “that needs to be accomplished,” but I never follow through. I recently decided to start living with intention and began getting serious about what I wanted to achieve in life. I’ve set goals for myself every month. Over that time, I’ve learned what works best for me when it comes to goal-setting. 

Here are some tips and tricks to hit those goals to close out this year:

Write every goal down, No Matter big or small

Visualize what you want

Decide what you want to accomplish — remember, don’t put too much pressure on yourself by setting unrealistic goals, but give yourself a bit of a challenge.

Create a timeline for when you would like to hit each target

Break your goals up into small, manageable ones that you can reach easily

Create a little incentive by rewarding yourself every time you achieve a goal

Always celebrate every accomplishment you make, even if it’s a small thing — all of those little goals will add up to big ones, so they’re all equally important.

Find your purpose. Get into the habit of brainstorming and scheduling

Always have your goals in the back of your mind, and live a life geared towards reaching them, not against them

Don’t get overwhelmed with what you’re working towards — take baby steps if you need to, they’re still going to put you in the direction you need to go

What are your small tricks for hitting your goals each month?

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