Jada Pinkett Smith has made headlines week after week with Red Table Talk, her Facebook show, and this week was no different. Smith covered the interesting topic of parenting, which can be tricky to do well. 

However, she managed to do it gracefully while being informative but not preachy. The show’s guest was her first-born, Jaden Smith, as she, Willow and Gam sat down to discuss the difference between Jada and her mother Adrienne’s parenting styles and what Jaden and Willow thought about their parents. 

The episode opened up with Adrienne sharing how different her parenting style was from the way Jada’s parenting style is now. Adrienne mentioned feeling like Jaden and Willow had too much freedom and how it was rare for her to see a parent treat their child like an adult. Adrienne also mentioned that her parenting skills consisted a lot of "cause I said so," which she was broken out of by Jada and Will. Jada confidently responded, "Yup!", as she informed everyone at the table that she didn’t want to make decisions for her kids. Instead, she wanted to prepare them to make their own decisions in order to give them power over their own lives.

Later on in the episode, Willow opened up to share that she had a difficult time when it came to her hair after her hit "Whip My Hair" came out, which ended with her shaving her head. Jada accepted her daughter’s thoughts and shared a vulnerable moment and thought of her own during that time. 

"For us, that survival mentality for your dad and I, we were like 'Oh, she’ll be set up for life!'" Jada continues on to say that parents tend to do what they know and, while it may not always be the best decisions, it reflects their own struggles and how they try to prevent their children from dealing with difficulties in their futures.

While some views were definitely opposing, it was beautiful to see understanding and openness on every end of the conversation. As the episode ended with a family selfie, we quickly set our alarms for next Monday at noon to catch their next episode. Until then, watch the latest episode below: