CBS News Correspondent Jericka Duncan is known for getting to the bottom of a story with an extensive track record of covering high profile cases. She has also made a name for herself by covering the stories of her community as a Black journalist and mother. While we know that she is not above the details when it comes to fulfilling her journalistic responsibilities, it’s her private life that remains in question. The honorary Zeta Phi Beta has shared photos of herself via Twitter preparing meals for holiday celebrations, on set with fellow anchors, but the makings of her family remain a mystery. Who is Jericka Duncan’s husband? Here’s what we know about our broadcast bestie.

Who Is Jericka Duncan?

Duncan has a long history of news coverage dating back to her days at WETM-TV in New York. Perhaps, she gets her storytelling skills from her father, Ronnie Duncan who is a sports journalist with CBS Detroit. Throughout her career, she’s been tasked with hard-hitting interviews and cases ranging from superstorms to social injustice. Duncan received first-place honors from the Associated Press for her coverage of a Social Security scam where disabled adults were held captive. Since then, she’s received several acknowledgments including breaking the story on “60 Minutes” Jeff Fager’s sexual harassment allegations, following the threatening text Fager sent her just hours before. Fellow news correspondents were public about their support of Duncan during this time; the journalist continues to receive support from coworkers and admirers of her work. 

Her Public Profile Ends at Her Family

In her coverage of the pandemic, Duncan mentioned that her daughters were concerned for her safety as she reported from the hub of New York City: Times Square. This is as public as she’s been about her family outside of her relation to CBS Detroit sports anchor Ronnie Duncan (her father). She’s shared glimpses of her daughters via Twitter, never providing much more than immediate context. She also tweeted a photo of herself with her younger siblings – with a caption that screams “big sister”. While we don’t know much else about her children and/or partner, we do know that she’s cherished. And, we can assume, in cherishing her family, Duncan has decided to maintain her privacy outside of work. 

Who Is Jericka Duncan’s Husband?

Several sites have speculated about the awarded journalist’s interests away from CBS down to who she’s dating and what she prefers. Internet searches and gossip-adjacent sites have wondered out loud about the journalist’s sexuality, inquiring whether she’s queer. In the same breath, there’s also wonder about a potential romantic connection between herself and WABC New York’s Dray Clark. The mystery around her love life sparked these guesstimates although she has spoken to none of them so they remain unproven. A prerogative well-claimed! 

The Speculations Continue 

While we are still unsure whether Duncan has a husband, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend, we’re certain that she values family above all else. It’s clear that her appreciation of community goes beyond her work in the news realm, back to those who she cherishes the most. Her impeccable coverage of a range of stories highlights her commitment to advocacy and education. A minor-ish detail, but the esteemed correspondent also rocks a flawless pixie cut and it’s one of the many reasons that we celebrate her. We look forward to uncovering more about who joins us in celebrating her whether romantically or professionally.