JT, or Jatavia Shakara Johnson, first came on the scene as a rap star beloved for her flashy lyrics and blunt demeanor. While she was originally recognized as a female rapper and part of the duo, The City Girls, with classic Miami style, she has slowly grown into an unconventional style icon. Since dating her now-boyfriend, Lil Uzi Vert, JT revealed how his 80’s rock and emo apocalyptic style inspires her. As “weird Black girls” continue to take up their deserved space, JT stands out. The rapper was one of the first to claim she doesn’t have to wear what everyone else is wearing in Miami. A style she has described as “BBL fashion.” She maintains that she is allowed to branch out.

What is JT’s exact style?

In an interview with Vogue magazine, JT described her stysle as “alt pretty.” Exploring style, silhouettes, and shapes are important to her. Early last year, JT became the ambassador of a Poster Girl campaign, featuring dresses and jumpsuits that are iconically small but expand once worn. JT’s stylist Miso Dam, tells 21Ninety that when they first started their partnership, it was really important to pull pieces that didn’t make her look short.

“Nothing that would make her top-heavy,” Dam explained. Adding that JT gravitates toward “statement pieces; we love vintage with a mix of new pieces.”

The rapper bounces between a deconstructed grunge and emo-inspired wardrobe to something classically girly. The must-haves in her wardrobe are “Boob tape, a good black boot,” and otherwise, some very short shorts, according to Dam. Alongside short shorts, JT loves “hot pants, her diamond cross necklace, and a good bomber jacket.

“We love a Carhartt jacket,” Dam shared.

She also tends to reach for brands like Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Acne, Y/Project, and Dilara Findikoglu. On her Instagram, JT can be seen wearing a lot of super cropped jackets and shirts, cut-off shorts, thigh-high boots, lace-up sneakers, Poster Girl dresses, and graphic tanks and skirts. Her stylist describes her style in three words, “Cunty, alt-pretty, and sexy.”

Best Boots

RICK OWENS DRKSHDW Hexa High Top Sneaker

Photo Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

These Rick Owens sneakers are not only a staple in JT’s wadrobe but also in her boyfriends. It’s almost impossible to see JT without these specific Rick Owen sneakers these days. Not only are they beloved by the alt community but also the hip-hop community. When she says ” I’m Rick’d down from my head to my toes,” she truly means it.

Best Tank Top

MOWALOLA Terms & Conditions Tank

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Mowalola

Mowalola has been an up-and-coming designer and one to watch for a minute now. Whether it’s been her collabs with Yeezy or Beats by Dre, she serves a happy medium of the alternative to girly pipeline. With this graphic tank, it aligns within her rules of no shirts being “too top-heavy.”

Best Cut-off Shorts

OFLuck High Waisted Shorts

High-waisted denim jeans had pop culture in a chokehold for a minute. They’re super flattering and high-cut-off denim jeans with frayed ends are especially popular in Miami. It only makes sense JT would bring a piece of her city no matter where she’s performing.

Best Jumpsuit

Dinero Playsuit

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Revolve

You’ve definitely seen one of these jumpsuits before. When unraveling them out of the package, they appear toddler-sized. Once on, they stretch to any and every body type, making them appear as second skin. These cut-out and graphic bodysuits are a staple for clubbing, especially in Miami and LA.

Best Ribbed Dress

Pdxnyxx Long Sleeve Dress for Women

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Amazon

Following the same silhouette and style, this dress serves as a ribbed dupe for the original jumpsuit. While this is a bit more conservative than the original jumpsuit, it still appeals to the City Girl style. It meshes perfectly within alternative and grunge genres of fashion.

Best Work Wear Jacket

Carhartt Rugged Flex Loose Fit Jacket

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Carhartt

Miso Dam couldn’t help but mention the famed workwear brand Carhartt when it came to pulling jackets for JT. This classic style workwear turned streetwear jacket is popular for a reason; it’s functional in keeping you warm and is super sturdy and long lasting.

Best Hot Pants


Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Skims

It’s getting warmer out, and sometimes denim high-waisted shorts just aren’t practical. These “hot pants” or boy shorts are easy to wear with any outfit. Whether you’re pairing them with a cropped top, cropped jacket, or oversized graphic tee, these shorts can blend in well.

Best Graphic Mini Skirt

City Girl Low Rise Printed Denim Mini Skirt

Photo Courtesy of Photo Credit: Nordstrom

What’s more City Girls than a printed graphic skirt? For JT, who loves graphic printed skirts, dresses, tees, and more, this mini skirt is perfect for mixing a grungy bottom with a coquettish or classically girly top.

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