If you’re one to keep up with the wild rollercoaster of celebrity gossip, you’ve likely noticed a sudden uptick in feisty feuds between stars. April isn’t even half over yet and there’s already tension brewing between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, Ari Lennox and Joe Budden and sadly for female rap fans, the City Girls.

Yung Miami and JT have been through a lot together over the past few years, and while they love the luxurious lifestyle that comes with being in the spotlight, seeing the unsolicited opinions of others constantly is proving to be problematic for their personal and professional relationship. April began with Mercury, which represents technology and communication, going retrograde (moving backward – something the androgynous planet doesn’t love), which is known to cause chaos here on Earth in many ways, as the Girl Code artists are shamelessly reminding us.

What’s Going on With Yung Miami and JT?

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Because Caresha dropped a new single this week, there’s speculation as to whether her beef with her longtime friend was staged to drum up more attention. However, there’s been a notable distance between the City Girls amid the scandal unfolding with Diddy, in which the podcast host has been implicated as a sex worker. Miami was never shy about flaunting her luxury presents from the Bad Boy mogul, but now, she’s denying allegations of trafficking drugs and receiving hefty paychecks in exchange for intimacy.

They may not be talking their issues out in person, but Caresha didn’t hold back on Twitter/X on Tuesday (April 9) when she seemingly had enough of the perceived “shade” from JT. “A b**ch been sneak dissing me for weeks and I ain’t say s**t. What a b**ch mad at me fa?????!!!!!” Miami asked. Around the same time, her “Act Up” collaborator was trading shots with Saucy Santana on the platform, and fans continued to point out that JT can’t seem to count on her fellow City Girl to offer her the same support that others like Santana receive.

“Oh Ms. Mama, this your LAST day playing dumb,” the fashionista wrote when she saw Caresha’s subtweet before asking for a sit-down conversation without any of their friends present. “I know I come off crazy but never in my life did no wack s**t to this girl, she literally enjoys seeing me being dragged,” the “No Bars” artist vented online. “When [people] show me love she goes crazy and [calls] it a hate train! But like I said, we can sit and talk about it!” JT claimed of Miami.

What Role Mercury Retrograde Might Be Playing

From there, things only grew more heated, which makes perfect sense if we examine the astrological energies around us currently. The aforementioned Mercury retrograde is in the fiery, emotionally impulsive sign of Aries, where people are all the more likely to say mean things in the heat of the moment that they can never take back. We also just had a New Moon in Aries and Venus is sitting in the same sign as well, injecting some extra passion and ferocity into people’s behavior. Thankfully, neither Miami nor JT said anything too rude, though it’s clear the women have built up tension to examine if they want to move forward in a healthy way.

“You LET THE INTERNET PUT IN YOUR HEAD THAT I’M JEALOUS OF YOU! WHEN YOU KNOW I’M THE ONE THAT ALWAYS PUSHED US. YOU HAVE RESENTMENT AND that’s ok!!!” Diddy’s ex declared in one tweet. With Mercury overseeing technology and communication, it’s interesting to note that the City Girls’ issues stem from miscommunication and distortion based on how others perceive them online. On top of that, they faced some actual glitches we can easily attribute to the retrograde, such as a sassy tweet from JT hitting her X profile after a supposed phone conversation with Miami to clear the air.

“If I’m ever mad I have a reason to be. Behind [closed] doors you have done stuff to me that you think I should just get over! You never come to my defense when I literally would’ve took a bullet for you! When [Caresha Please] popped off I was there first episode, and when someone canceled I showed up in a red wig!” the “Ex For a Reason” collaborator ranted. “Keep calling me mad like the internet do, but you know me, my heart pump gold! I wish you the best always and I love how fast you got on here behind Santana!” she shadily added.

Rather than re-engaging, Caresha expressed her confusion and then told JT she loves her but she’s moving on from the situation. Clearing things up on her end, the latter wrote, “This tweet was BEFORE the phone conversation, don’t know why it didn’t go through. Maybe because everyone blowing up my phone and it still stands! I’m glad to see you know how to respond! You nonchalant about everything else!” Still, she made sure to tell the other half of the City Girls that she loves her “the most,” proving the blood may not be as bad as it looks online.

Are the City Girls Breaking Up?

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Seeing as Yung Miami and JT were able to publicly profess their love for each other after exchanging such harsh words on X, we’re willing to bet that we haven’t seen the last of the partners in rhyme. For now, they’re pouring their energy into separate endeavors, such as the mother of two’s new single with Skilla Baby, “CFWM” and Jatavia’s ongoing tour before she drops her solo album. The duo’s last LP, RAW, hit DSPs in October 2023 with features from Lil Durk, Muni Long, Juicy J, Usher and Kim Petras. Reactions to the 18-track effort were mostly lukewarm, so some time off from rapping as a duo will hopefully reunite Yung Miami and JT down the road with a refreshed creative spirit for the City Girls.