The list of Black women whose hair is always on point ranges from names like Queen Latifah to Beyoncé. Somewhere on that list lands Vice President Kamala Harris, whose hair is always laid. She never has a bad hair day, despite being number two in line to run the country. In a new interview with BuzzFeed’s Cocoa Butter, Harris invited viewers into her world, sharing her hair journey through the lens of her iconic hairstyles. From her cherished moments at Howard University to her role as the first female Vice President of the United States, Harris reflects on the significance of her hair choices and the powerful messages they convey.

Vice President Kamala Harris on Self-Expression Through Hair Styles

From the very start, Harris’s hair has been a reflection of her identity and heritage. She reminisced about her college days at Howard University. At one point she even displayed her senior class picture where she sported her signature short hair while wearing a string of pearls.

“As you can see, pearls are not a new phenomenon for me,” Harris chuckled, pointing out her timeless accessory. “I had decided I was going to, through my college years, have short hair… It just was easy.”

Her decision to attend an HBCU like Howard was deeply rooted in her desire to be in an environment where she felt a sense of belonging and high expectations.

“Attending an HBCU is to be in an environment where every signal that is sent to you tells you that you belong,” she shared. “And that great things are expected of you.”

But Harris’ journey extends beyond her college years. She grew up the daughter of parents who were active in the Civil Rights Movement.

“The heroes of the movement, many of them were the lawyers,” she reflected. “Who understood the power of translating the passion from the streets to the courtrooms of our country.”

Being a Hair Icon Present-Day

In the present day, Harris’s hair continues to make headlines, notably her round-brush blowout. Addressing the curiosity surrounding her hair routine, she clarified, “Yes, it’s the round brush, not the hot iron. That’s how I do it.”

Throughout the interview, Harris offers invaluable advice, reflecting on her own experiences.

“Pay attention to what those incredible people were telling you,” she advised her younger self. “Everything that was communicated to us, told us that we were special, that we were loved, and that we had responsibilities.”

It’s evident that Harris’s hair journey is not just about style, it’s about empowerment, identity, and embracing one’s heritage. From her college days at Howard University to her historic position as Vice President, Harris continues to inspire millions with her resilience, grace, and unwavering commitment to change.