Regardless of the season, there are times when foot calluses can escalate, causing the feet to look unsightly. There are some foot callus fixes to help eliminate the pesky problem.

Foot calluses are areas of thickened and hardened skin that develop due to weather and stress. Other factors that could contribute to the feet developing cracks include poorly fitted shoes and high-impact activities. That is why it is important to find a solution once this issue escalates. Treatment for foot calluses typically involves removing the thickened skin using a pumice stone, foot file, or other abrasive tools. 21Ninety has curated a list of useful foot callus fixes that can help with removal. Below are a few items to consider.

Electric Feet Callus Removers 

Electric feet callus removers are handheld devices that use a spinning abrasive roller or head to remove dead, dry, or callused skin from the feet. These callus removers can be a quick and easy way to smooth and remove cracks on heels, soles, and other areas of the feet. This callus remover is perfect for removing calluses at home.

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Foot Soak

This 100 percent, all-natural certified, Australian tea tree and peppermint foot and body soak is formulated with pure essential oils. This foot soak calms the skin and gently repairs the overall appearance of your feet and nails. The formula is gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

Callus Eliminator

This foot callus fix is a powerful formula with rich ingredients that break down calluses in minutes and leave your foot looking Instagram post-worthy. Even more convenient is the fact that you can simply file or buff the calluses away. Additionally, this callus eliminator is economical and lasts a long time.

Lavender Foot Soak

What’s better than a foot soak that is relaxing and luxurious? This soak, which has ingredients like organic aloe vera and epsom salt, works to soothe tired and sore feet, relax muscles, and cleanse and soften calluses. All of the remarkable ingredients in this foot mask work together to provide the optimal at-home luxury experience.

Pumice Stone

This list of foot callus fixes would not be complete without a foot scrubber! This terracotta-made pumice stone is as durable as it is effective. For thousands of years, foot scrubbers have been used as a grooming tool. A pumice stone is a lightweight, porous, and abrasive stone that is effective for smoothing the feet. Pumice stones are also often used to exfoliate rough or callused skin on the feet. Add this to your self-care regimen to keep your feet looking vacation-ready year-round.

Dead Sea Mineral Foot Cream

Ahava is a smooth, velvety, and luxurious cream that is the ultimate addition to your homemade spa. Foot cream is a moisturizing lotion specifically formulated for the feet. It is designed to hydrate and soften rough, dry, or callused skin. It also soothes tired or achy feet, and protects the skin from environmental stressors such as heat, cold, and friction from footwear. Another amazing component of foot creams is that they typically contain ingredients such as urea, glycerin, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and other natural oils and extracts that help to nourish and moisturize the skin. Some foot creams also contain exfoliating ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy acids or pumice, which help to remove dead skin cells and improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Foot cream should be applied regularly.

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