From vulnerable lyrics that speak to love and heartbreak to an affinity for fashion and neck-turning tattoos, Oakland-bred songstress Kehlani is beloved by many.  Her grounded personality and quick wit leave fans always wanting more and, most importantly, incessantly wondering who she’s currently dating.

The R&B singer came out as gay in 2021, becoming one of the prominent voices for the queer community and an ally for tolerance and acceptance. So who is Kehlani’s girlfriend now? We did some digging and have everything you need to know.

Who Has Kehlani Dated?

When it comes to Kehlani’s dating history, she’s got a pretty star-studded list of ex-girlfriends and boyfriends, from Demi Lovato, to Dave East, to Shaina Negrón.

One of her most public relationships was with OVO singer PartyNextDoor, a connection that was pretty tumultuous. From disses via song lyrics to fighting over social media, their relationship lasted from 2013 to 2015, though certainly not without some scars.

She eventually moved on to NBA star Kyrie Irving, who both weren’t shy about sharing their love and adoration for one another via social media. Their relationship took a pretty rocky turn in early 2016, though, when cheating allegations surfaced.

Kehlani also partook in a highly publicized yet short-lived relationship with 33-year-old rapper YG in 2019, which led to a lot of inspired music from both parties. He eventually moved on to date rapper Saweetie.

After revealing she was four months pregnant on Instagram in October 2018, many speculated who the father of her child could possibly be. Eventually, it was revealed to be her close friend Javie Young-White, who works as a guitarist and model. The couple’s daughter, Adeya Nomi, was welcomed in late March 2019 during an unmedicated, home birth.

Kehlani Comes Out

In a now-deleted TikTok in 2021, Kehlani officially confirmed she’s a lesbian, sharing, “They’re like, ‘Kehlani, what’s new?’ I’m like, ‘I finally know I’m a lesbian.’ I am gay, gay, gay, gay, gay.” Upon the reveal, her public relationships with women have suddenly become the center of attention. Kehlani admitted to having a crush on 070 Shake in April 2022 and the two were spotted holding hands only later that month. They two split later in the year, leaving Kehlani to enjoy a single era, though certainly not for long.

Who is Kehlani’s Girlfriend Now?

An open-hearted songwriter inspired by love, Kehlani never goes too long without someone new by her side, and it’s hard to guess who may be next on Kehlani’s roster. 

Kehlani has debuted her new lover around the holiday season in late 2022, basketball star Kiara Russell. The couple made their debut in a since-deleted TikTok video, where they exchanged several kisses in front of the camera. Since then, they’ve featured each other in several Instagram photo dumps, proudly declaring their love for one another.

The 24-year-old grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and currently works as a graduate assistant for the Connecticut Huskies women’s basketball team. She tends to stay relatively away from the spotlight, though her relationship with Kehlani has led to a boost in eyes and followers.

We’re Rooting For You, Sis

When it comes to love, Kehlani has had her fair share of heartbreak. After pouring much of love’s aching into her music, fans ultimately just want to see Kehlani comfortable and cared for; so here’s to hoping that Kehlani’s girlfriend, Kiara Russell, may finally be her happily ever after.