It’s hard to deny that Missouri’s R&B songstress SZA is having a moment. From her Instagram captionable lyrics to her candid BBL confession, her wit and honesty make it feel like she’s a best friend. Professionally, she’s had a year for the books, leading an international tour of her record-breaking album, solidifying her as the modern-day “it girl.”

While her sensual music is usually centered on heartbreak, the lover girl is no stranger to a relationship. So who is SZA’s boyfriend? We did some digging and found out everything you need to know.

SZA Has an Open Heart

Taking the time to be intentionally single is an important part of every girl’s journey, and when The Breakfast Club asked for details of her dating life following the success of “CTRL” back in 2017, she revealed that she was taking the time to focus on herself instead. She shared, “I’m learning about myself, and honestly I think I was in a lot of these unhealthy relationships because I didn’t have enough self-love built up and I fixed the way I felt about myself, so these situations didn’t happen to me anymore.” 

Luckily, it seems as if she’s finally ready to re-emerge romantically. More recently, she told Rolling Stone, “I want to stunt like me when I meet the person I envision me being with. I envision them falling in love with me the way I am.” 

Who Is SZA’s Boyfriend?

While her music certainly bears all when it comes to matters of the heart, very little details are known about the current state of her dating life and there’s no real proof she’s currently in a serious relationship with anyone at the moment. However, that certainly won’t stop any speculation. That being said, the boundary-pushing singer has been linked with some pretty heavy names over the years.

SZA and Travis Scott

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON — Episode 0708 — Pictured: (l-r) Musical Guests Travis Scott performs with SZA on July 20, 2017 — (Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)

One of the most recent rumored dalliances for the R&B songstress is with popular rapper Travis Scott. He made a surprise on-stage appearance during one of her tour stops in Manchester, England in June 2023, sending fans and gossip bloggers into speculation mode. Coupled with their collabs on several songs like “Open Arms”, “Telekinesis”, and Love Galore”, the rumor mills ran with the theory that the two were actually an item. It didn’t hurt that SZA wasn’t formally in a relationship and Scott had just split with Kylie Jenner. Still, neither artist publicly addressed that rumor.

SZA and Kehlani

Again, this is all just rumors and speculation. But in 2021, all eyes were on SZA and fellow R&B songstress Kehlani when the two were spotted walking into Rihanna’s Met Gala after-party holding hands. Later that evening, Kehlani posted an Instagram story captioned “Don’t speak to me or my girlfriend ever again” while footage showed the two riding in a car together. Earlier that year, SZA threw Kehlani a surprise birthday party. While SZA has never publicly addressed her sexuality, Kehlani openly came out as in 2021.

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SZA’s Mysterious Ex-Fiancé

SZA is understandably tight lipped about her romantic affairs. But there’s an unnamed ex-fiancé that occupies the time slot between 2008 and 2019. Some speculate that this mystery paramour may have been Scott Sasso, a fashion designer. And those good at math can conclude that she met this fellow right around the end of her high school days.

Although she doesn’t talk about it often, it’s clear from the little bit SZA does divulge that it was a slightly lopsided relationship where she was somewhat codependent on her ex-fiancé because he was significantly older and provided much of the financial resources while they were together. Fans can gather that things didn’t end on good terms since SZA shaded this same ex on-stage when she performed in London in 2023. Music lovers can thank her previous heartbreak to this man as the inspiration for the track “Nobody Gets Me.”

SZA and Drake

Yes, the timelines somewhat overlap here, but SZA did formally date the Canadian rapper Drake during 2009. The rapper eluded to the brief relationship on 21 Savage’s song “Mr. Right Now” where Drake makes a guest appearance and raps “Yeah, said she wanna f— to some SZA, wait / ‘Cause I used to date SZA back in ’08 /If you cool with it, baby, she can still play.”

SZA confirmed on X (formerly Twitter) that the two did date — but clarified that it was in 2009. Her tweet read “So It was actually 2009 lol…in this case a year of poetic rap license mattered lol I think he jus innocently rhymed 08 w wait . Anybody who really knows me and was around during this time can’s all love all peace.” Later in the same thread she clarified “I just didn’t want anybody thinking anything underage or creepy was happening . Completely innocent . Lifetimes ago .” as she referenced how Drake has come under fire for grooming speculations. For clarity, she would have been 18 to his 21 in 2008.

We Continue To Speculate 

SZA is fairly tight lipped on her relationship status and matches. But her most recent, rumored boyfriend is the Japanese-born, Los Angeles-based music producer and songwriter Hiko Momoji, whom she reportedly began dating in early 2020. He has an impressive roster musically, having produced for artists like Chris Brown, Camila Cabello, and Jason Derulo. Not much is known about him besides his move to America to pursue his creative career, and one can only hope there will be a collaboration between the two soon.

Succeeding at keeping her private life private, it’s difficult to know for sure who SZA’s boyfriend is, or if there’s any truth to the current dating rumors. Regardless, we’re just hoping she’s brave enough to continue giving love a try since it seems to make for some pretty incredible music.

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