When Aquarius‘ come up in conversation, it’s not uncommon for people who have interacted with the most evolved air sign to describe them as aloof, emotionally detached, and totally unique from everyone they’ve ever met. While these stereotypes do have truth to them, some can warm their way into the lives of an Aqua – particularly fire signs. Something about merging the water bearer with the ram (Aries), lion (Leo), or centaur (Sagittarius) seems to bring out the best in them, be it in a friendly or more intimate connection.

To get the best idea of whether you and the Leo/Aqua you’ve got your eye on have a shot at love, we suggest examining more than just your Sun signs. Moon, Rising, and Venus are other crucial placements that can determine how your emotional worlds will intersect, but to get you started, we’ve broken down the basics of what you can expect should you open your heart.

What Are Leos Like?

Of all the zodiac signs, a Leo is among the easiest to spot in a crowd. Ruled by the Sun, they’re known for always finding new ways to be the center of attention, whether intentionally or by total accident. Their personal mission is a constant quest for self-awareness while battling with their ego, which can sometimes make them prideful or controlling. Nevertheless, people love the cosmic lions for their inherent, fiery lust for life and natural ability to lead and inspire others.

The Leos in your life will celebrate their birthdays from July 23rd to August 22nd, making them the fifth sign of the zodiac. As a fixed modality, they can sometimes be hard-headed and stubborn, but using words of affirmation is a sure way to get on their good side. When the ego isn’t overtaking them, Leos are known for being warm-hearted and generous. At their worst, they have no trouble stepping on others during their climb to the top.

What Are Aquarius’ Like?

On the opposite side of the wheel from the lion is the water bearer, which represents Aquarius. Born from January 20th to February 18th, and ruled by both Uranus and Saturn, the eleventh sign sure knows how to shake things up. While Leo’s element is red-hot fire, Aquas sit alongside Libra and Gemini in the realm of air. This is where their reputation for being flighty and detached comes in. While they might not be so expressive with their own emotions, they’re certainly great at holding space for others and guiding them through tough moments with spiritual wisdom.

The water bearer’s strengths lie in trendsetting (you can count on them to be modeling the next big thing long before anyone else is brave enough), fighting for healing across all of humanity, and always having something new to teach others. Aquarians tend to struggle with minor details in life, like small talk and day-to-day plans, but they’re great at deep, intellectual debates and envisioning large-scale movements that create huge change.

Leo and Aquarius Romantic Compatibility

For any relationship to stand the test of time, a great amount of understanding and patience is required. That’s no different here, though Leo and Aquarius couples have several things working in their favor, such as the latter’s intense attraction to the former’s passionate way of life. “Aquarians have a desire to not only defy the world but be validated by it,” Alberto Toribio tells People. “When it comes to their partner they seek someone who reflects and embodies the things they find beautiful. A Leo lives their life trying to stroke and grow themselves, a quality that Aquarians do find admirable.”

The winter-born half of the relationship is stereotyped as being emotionally closed off in love, but as we saw in our Aqua x Aries compatibility analysis, fire signs have the magic key to melting their lover’s icy walls. Still, this can cause some tension as Leos are far more dependent on validation and romance than Aquarius’, but with healthy communication and boundaries, this can be easily navigated so that both partners feel loved and respected.

Leo and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

The combination of fire and air together is almost always sure to generate fireworks. Of course, the best way to know for sure what your sex life might be like is to compare Mars signs. No matter where in your birth chart it falls, Leo is sure to add elements of passion and enthusiasm into one’s energetic makeup. Pair that with an Aqua, who’s best known for pushing the envelope and trying new things, and you can bet that you’ll have one hell of an adventure together.

Water bearers don’t do well with authority, so should the lion’s bossy nature become overbearing, a strictly intimate connection may fizzle out faster than anticipated. Still, as Woman’s World notes, Aquarians can activate Leo’s primal side in a way that few others can thanks to their playful and completely unique vibes. If both of you are willing and able to understand the other’s wants and needs, expect some memorable romps!

Leo and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Based on what we’ve already discussed, we can confirm that a friendship between these two will be just as full of excitement as something romantic or sexual. The fire energy brings its signature strength and inventiveness to the bond, meanwhile, the air aspect has endless visions and ideas that can easily be brought to life with the help of a trustworthy lion. The biggest issue that may come up is Leo’s tendency to gossip and waste their energy talking about others. Aquas prefer to discuss ideas rather than people, and will quickly grow bored if those around them can’t keep up.

Are Leo and Aquarius’ Compatible?

Of all the astrological combinations you could possibly bring together, we’re confident in saying that Leo and Aquarius have great potential in every category. Arguably their strongest long-term bond would be a romantic relationship, but a casual hook-up or friendship can also serve both parties well. Though their differences are distinct, being sister signs (opposing each other on the zodiac wheel), and their shared fixed modality allows them to understand each other unlike anyone else and beautifully grow together. With a big heart and a big mind between them, there’s little that can’t be accomplished here.