As we continue to move through Aquarius season, we’re taking a look at the water bearer’s compatibility with others on the zodiac wheel. We’ve already explored how Aries and Capricorns tend to interact with air energy, but now, we’re examining what it’s like when an Aqua and Libra come together. It’s not uncommon to see all three air signs forming fast friendships with one another, but what about the potential of a healthy, long-term relationship, or a one-night stand?

To keep things simple we’re sticking to the basics with our analysis, exploring how two different Sun signs interplay. If you’re a slightly more advanced astrology enthusiast, you can apply this same information when comparing Moon (emotions), Mercury (communication), Venus (love), and Mars (sex/aggression) placements. With an Aquarius and Libra duo, the stars are certainly working in your favor, but it’s still up to your free will to make any connection live up to its full potential.

What Are Libras Like?

Anyone in your life who you’ve noticed is a notorious flirt with fantastic taste likely has some Libra influence in their birth chart. The seventh sign of the zodiac, which stretches from September 23rd to October 22nd, is near-constantly surrounded by a flock of friends. Though popularity certainly makes one feel secure in the public eye, a Libra’s likability can sometimes be detrimental if people-pleasing leads them to step out of their integrity.

Like all Air signs, the balance-loving scales value constant intellectual stimulation, though they achieve it in different ways than an Aquarius or Gemini might. “Libra is a lot calmer than a Gemini, refining and intellectualizing beauty in the world,” astrologer Alberto Toribio told People in a recent interview. Ruled by Venus, Libras are drawn to the finer things in life with a natural affinity for things like beauty, art, music, and history. Because they can give so much of themselves away in the act of pleasing others, people with this energy influencing their chart need to take excellent care of themselves; you can’t pour out from an empty cup!

What Are Aquarius’ Like?

Libra season ushers in autumn with beautiful colors and tasty, pumpkin-flavored treats each year – a perfect match for their aesthetically driven, warm energy. Aquarius‘, on the other hand, celebrate their birthdays from January 20th to February 18th, when winter is usually its coldest. The final of the three air signs is known for keeping walls up around its emotional world, but they’ll happily talk anyone’s ear off about the latest injustice they’re planning to solve, or the interesting new book they’re reading.

While Libra falls under the cardinal modality (strong leadership skills come easy, making decisions and trusting one’s self don’t), Aquas are fixed. This means that the latter can be stubborn and rooted in their ways at times, but as the “doers” of the zodiac, they’re typically responsible for carrying out ideas and visions put into place by Libras and their fellow cardinals. Their ruling planet, Uranus, brings with it the energy of bold imagination, innovation, and dramatic change. At the same time, their icon, the water bearer, spreads life-giving spiritual energy throughout the world while holding space for the emotions of others.

Libra and Aquarius Romantic Compatibility

Knowing how much Air signs value personal growth and intellectual stimulation, it’s hard to deny that the chemistry between a Libra and Aqua can get seriously hot, or even help you elevate your status to that of a power couple. Be prepared for endless adventures, crossing plenty of firsts off your bucket list, and engaging in spirited debates to better understand how the other’s mind works. “Libra is great at navigating a room of the unknown, and Aquarius is skilled at navigating a world of the unfair. Their skills bring them closer together and help them to build long-lasting relationships with individuals and members of their community,” Woman’s World notes of this dynamic.

Like with any bond, issues are sure to arise due to their distinctly different communication styles. For example, one is willing to tell a little white lie if it makes them look good in the eyes of others, but the other moves through life with radical honesty, no matter if it brings chaos. Still, with some work, the scales and the water bearer can bring beautiful balance and important lessons into the other’s life.

Libra and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

With the mental fireworks that exist here, it’s not surprising that the same sort of explosions can take place between the sheets too. A sexual spark might not be immediate, but with time, an Aquarius and Libra bond can allow for lots of experimentation and spontaneous sensual encounters. September and October babies are notorious flirts, but once you get them in a situation where intimacy is possible, you might notice a sudden shyness. Aquarius energies are more likely to take charge here, but as things become more comfortable and familiar, you should see your Libra lover let their guard down.

Their quick wit can easily charm a water bearer, but should that same Aqua notice everyone else around them getting the same treatment, they’ll become turned off and withdraw. This might not be the best match for a hook-up, but in the long run, there’s endless potential to grow together intimately.

Libra and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

If having an all-air relationship doesn’t sound like the right fit for you, perhaps friendship is the route to go. There’s very strong friendship potential between a Libra and an Aqua, largely due to their shared zest for life and a huge range of interests. Neither party will be bored as they constantly have new and exciting things to share with the other. Even with their stark differences, this duo is often able to learn a lot of important lessons within their bond. As they move through the world at their own pace, the scales will encourage the water bearer to slow down and appreciate the beauty around them rather than getting lost in their constant push for change.

“These two air signs can be great friends because they will push each other to achieve greatness,” astrologer Lisa Stardust tells People. “They won’t hold each other back, and they will stand and support each other in times of need or struggle.” Another area where Aquarius‘ and Libras can help one another is with the latter’s people-pleasing. While they can easily tolerate small talk and the niceties of today’s society, an honesty-loving Aqua can’t stand this. Being around this sort of energy can help those born in the early autumn to grow out of living for the comfort of others, though they might feel on edge due to the final air sign’s rebellious nature sometimes.

Are Libra and Aquarius Compatible?

Out of all 12 zodiac signs, Libra and Aquas have some of the strongest long-term potential across the board. Their shared values of adventure, learning, and growth bond them closely together, allowing even romantic partners to develop a healthy friendship within their union. As Woman’s World puts it, “Aquarius leads the revolution that gets them a seat at the table while Libra leads the negotiation that gets them the lasting change.” Of course, the best way to determine whether someone is compatible with you is to trust your intuition above all else. Still, knowing more about the energies playing out in their birth chart can help you feel more in control should any issues arise.