When a lover meets their match, they hope for a spark. Something that makes them feel drawn to their counterpart whether they’re in conversation or silent, together or apart. For some pairings, other things come before chemistry, like security. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this because ultimately, we need to feel safe to experience true, healthy and long-lasting connection. For Libras and Capricorns, there’s a lot of difference amongst their traits, although the one thing that they have in common happens to be a critical middle-ground: security. Is that what creates the spark for this duo? Let’s take a deeper dive into Libra and Capricorn compatibility for all of the lovers, friends, coworkers and potential somethings. 

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What Are Libras Like?

Born September 23 through October 22 and ruled by Venus, Libras are represented by the scale symbol signifying rationality while appreciating balance and justice. They believe that there’s two sides to every story and are more than happy to review the details. Social and creative, Libras see beauty in people and ideas. They can be perceived as slow-moving and self-pitying, but they aim to better themselves and the environments around them so they’re hyper-attuned to the process of development. With goals in mind, they’re quite ambitious, aspiring to leave an impact and be celebrated for it. These signs differ significantly from that of Capricorns although a “greater good” motivation seems to catch their attention. 

Libras love love, although they often fall into people-pleasing as they crave harmony within their circles. Be genuinely diplomatic in your affairs and you’ll manifest a Libra; just be prepared to become the apple of their eye. Similarly, once they find something that they like, their attention is captured. Their passions are often fueled by creating experiences for others (in a way that may gain some acknowledgment and celebration). Whether a desire for recognition or connection, these signs believe in cherishing the experience and using the lessons learned to strengthen their character. In friendship, Libras are giving and celebratory. They’re social by nature so they understand that relationship dynamics matter. Never above showing effort, Libras thrive in companionships where their opposites also have an affinity for the details. 

What Are Capricorns Like?

Born December 22 through January 19 and ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are represented by the stubbornly ambitious sea goats. They’re ready and willing to climb the hill towards success whether it’s at work or at home. Responsibility is beyond familiar to these signs and they don’t take it lightly. It’s their honor to be the example because by showing you how it’s done, they excel and you get to follow in their footsteps. There’s a bit of control-relishing with these earth signs who believe that no goal is unachievable. In these cases, the size and span of the goal doesn’t matter. They may experience burnout from time to time, but they’ll probably lead the pack in setting that boundary too. Evolved Capricorns know that balance is key, not only for thriving, but for winning in the long run. 

Often seen in leadership roles, difficult tasks don’t phase them as long as there is a clear plan in place. They believe in processes and will take the time needed to fulfill them. While this presents as diligence in work spaces, it can be perceived as resistance in friendship and romantic relationships. Signs who prefer to follow their heart or gut can be frustrated by this earth sign who believes in taking the proper steps. Although who will make sure that things are done correctly if Capricorns don’t? These jewels who just need to be reminded to live a little. 

Libra and Capricorn Romantic Compatibility

Romantically, there’s a lot of space for possibility here. Agreeing to a commitment turns these signs on because, when built on friendship, it’s achievable and mutually beneficial. If Capricorns are interested enough, they’ll drop their guard, giving Libras the opportunity to flow and blow life into their shared plans. Libras love the details so building an experience for their Capricorns lovers feels fulfilling and exciting. Capricorns will show their appreciation when wowed, in their body language and actions. Together, it’s a recipe for enamoredness.

Libra and Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

When Capricorns allow Libras to wow them, they see that placing your trust in someone can pay off, motivating them to release their reigns…particularly in the bedroom. An exchange of control can have climactic results. They’ll both aim to reach the top, for their own reasons. For Capricorns, it’s the sweet taste of victory from a goal achieved. For Libras, it’s the idea of impacting someone else; a slight fascination with domination or control, but only to the physical benefit of their Capricorn partners. In all cases, a diligent and appropriately dominant lover has the capacity to show up balanced in all areas.

Libra and Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

As friends, this pair believes in keeping promises. Their word is their bond and their bond is unbreakable. Particularly when achieved in a timely manner for Capricorns and a respectful one for Libras, this pairing has found the formula for a foundation unbreakable. Trust goes a long way for both signs; Libras out of fear of disappointment and Capricorns out of disdain for time wasted. Ultimately, if these signs can show up for themselves, they have the capacity to be great partners to one another whether in business or in friendship. They’re better for knowing and supporting one another, establishing a balance that has the ability to shock them both.

Are Libras and Capricorns Compatible?

While the two signs differ in motivation, speed and temperament, Libras and Capricorns can be compatible in romance, sex, friendship and coworker relationships when they make room for each other’s quirks. Connection and commitment are their shared priorities which can lead just about any dynamic duo down the path of success. Capricorns do have the capacity to fan the flame sparking Libras ideas just like Libras have the capacity to see a Capricorn’s vision and its timeline. Where Libras can help Capricorn open up and embrace their inner butterfly, Capriocrns can inspire Libras to pursue their dreams with a little more conviction. Honestly, if Capricorns desire balance, Libras can create that either as an example or a result. And where Libras need a push, Capricorns are happy to help. Compatibility is doable here when the conditions are created together honoring both signs’ needs.