Lizzo is known to encourage and uplift those around her, and her actions at a recent show further reinforce that fact. During one of her concerts in Sydney, the “Pink” singer helped a young fan stand up to her bullies. Fans recorded, Lizzo interacting with Monroe Mills, 11, after the superstar spotted the sign the young girl was holding.

“Pls help me show my haters that I’m 100% that b—,” the sign read.


When Munroe’s dream came true.. #Lizzo #sydney @Sarah Mills -Amongst the stars

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Mills was offered a microphone while in the crown and she explained to both Lizzo and the audience that she is constantly bullied on social media.

“I get bullied on social media, and they always tell me I’m not good enough ’cause I like to dance and sing, and I want to be like you. I love you.”

After hearing Mills story, Lizzo brought the young lady onstage, comforted her, and gave an empowering speech.

“You don’t need my help,” Lizzo told Mills. “You are so cool. You are that chick. Your hair, laid. You got the glitter on your arms. You got the lipstick poppin’. You got the face glitter. You look good, so how do you need my help?”

Lizzo questioned how anyone could be so hurtful to a young person.

“The words that we say have a long-lasting effect on people. And Monroe, you’re talented and you’re beautiful and you’re incredible and you’re special. You can do anything. And you’re so young,” Lizzo explained to the young girl. “You could be the greatest dancer in the world. You have so much time. We need to take a video right now, and we need to talk to your haters.”

Lizzo Cheers On Young Fan

Shortly after, Lizzo filmed Mills showing off her dance moves while the crowd chanted her name. The girl’s mother explained how important the moment was to her daughter, thanking Lizzo for her kindness.


@lizzo you have helped her soul in a way I cant explain. The kindess you shine is nothing short of incredible. You are EXACTLY what this world needs. YOU are the role model our young women need. In this moment, Monroe felt love like nothing else. NO ONE can tell her now that she isnt good enough. To everyone who doubted her, said horrible things, made her feel unworthy, zip it. She’s 100% that B 💅🏼 #lizzo #girlstrip #holiday #dreamscometrue #blessed #superstar

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“The kindess you shine is nothing short of incredible. You are EXACTLY what this world needs. YOU are the role model our young women need,” Mills’ mother wrote.

Lizzo left haters with one last message. “Don’t talk about my bestie … no more,” the Grammy winner said. Then she turned the camera to herself and finished with, “You’re gonna have to go through me. She’s a star. She’s a diva.”