Not everyone likes to talk about what goes on in the bedroom. But keeping it spicy is often what helps long-term relationships stay exciting. Whether you’re married or just in a committed relationship, it doesn’t hurt to refresh your bag of tricks occasionally. Even if you think you’re the most skilled lover in the bedroom, the time is going to come when your partner has experienced every maneuver you have in your arsenal. This is why expanding your repertoire is important. Keep it fresh, new, and exciting. What’s one way? Well, have you heard of the Magic Mountain sexual position?

Sometimes real-world issues like being overly endowed, smaller than average, or being full-figured can all make lovemaking more challenging. So, finding a new position that helps you get the right angle so that everyone walks away satisfied is important. Meanwhile, not everyone wants to hop into bed and try positions that require impossible angles or insane stamina or endurance. But, this oldie but goodie sex position might be the answer for spicing up your next love session.

What Is the Magic Mountain Sex Position?

Yes, it sounds like a new and strange position. But Magic Mountain is nothing more than a variation of the tried and true doggie style. If you’re familiar with doggie style, you know that it’s a position where one lover (usually the man in hetero couples — but no judgment here if you’re into other kinks like pegging) enters their partner from behind while the receiver is on all fours on a stable surface (usually a bed but feel free to get creative here). The position infamously gets its name for mimicking what you’d see from dogs (and many other animals) getting it on.

There are slight variations where the receiver might be standing but bent over. But usually, the giver is standing or at least on their knees but upright. The Magic Mountain sex position is slightly different in that both the giver and receiver are bent over. In particular, the giver is bent over so that their chest is touching the receiver’s back. To keep it comfortable, you’ll place several pillows under the receiver’s belly or chest so that they’re not getting totally crushed by the giver’s weight.

Why the Magic Mountain Sex Position Is Better Than Traditional Doggie Style

You’re probably wondering why this position is so hot if it’s nothing more than a modified doggie style. Three reasons: comfort, intimacy, and a better finish. Anyone who’s ever engaged in the rear entry position knows that having your lover’s total body weight on top of you gets incredibly uncomfortable after a while. Plus, the classic doggie style can leave the receiver with sore wrists and arms from supporting their own weight. So, having those extra pillows to give you added support helps you keep your mind in the game and not on how your lungs are getting crushed or your wrists are sore from an extra long bedroom session. Likewise, if you’re the receiver and have lower back pain, those added pillows will take some of the strain off your body.

Meanwhile, being chest-to-back is an added level of intimacy that can help you and your boo feel more connected. This is one area where traditional doggie style suffers and that is why some people are very against it — because it doesn’t always come across as a romantic move. Instead, Magic Mountain is skin-to-skin on level 1,000.

Next, with sex, stimulation is everything. Magic Mountain is ideal because it allows for the giver to be even more hands-on if that’s what they or the receiver want. From letting the hands rove all over to incorporating toys to stimulate key erogenous zones, this position lets the giver do more than simply thrust. Meanwhile, as long as the receiver arches their back, penetration gets even more intense which can help them achieve the big O.

Who Is the Magic Mountain Position Good For?

Magic Mountain will usually be good for the same crowd that benefits from doggie style. Because it allows for deeper penetration, men concerned about not being well-endowed should add it to their bedroom lineup. Similarly, as mentioned earlier, people with back problems or who struggle with maintaining stamina with doggie style— either to hold themselves up or thrust — should also use this position.

Who Shouldn’t Use the Magic Mountain Position?

In general, there are few people who wouldn’t be a good fit for this position. But there are some cases where this move might be a dud. Just like with regular doggie style, if the giver is smaller than average, and the receiver has a bigger backside, this position might not make waves like you’d want. Instead, consider positions like cowgirl or reverse cowgirl so that the receiver can control penetration, or try the cross where the giver has a better angle for deeper penetration. Similarly, someone who’s overly endowed may find that this position is too intense for the receiver. Opt for cowgirl or reverse cowgirl instead for the same reasons as above.