Ahhh, Mother’s Day. Is it just me, or do any of you out there get excited about what to gift mom this year? Now I'm not saying that anything I buy can genuinely show my mom how much she means to me, but it's still a pretty nice gesture, and one she will appreciate. Enter the art form of a homemade gift basket. 

I’m obsessed with them. Why? Because they are easy to put together and 100 percent customizable for everyone on your list. Plus, they work for every budget — choose items in your price range or swap out items entirely for more affordable options. The options are endless, sis. It doesn’t have to break the bank or be labor-intensive to give Mom a specially-made gift basket. After all, the sweetest gifts are those made by you.

Check out how to make your own creative Mother’s Day Basket with some of these ideas below: 

a handwritten note

To make your gift basket feel as unique as possible, I think it's imperative to keep your recipient in mind when picking out your items. So if you know your mom is more a sweet and sour candy kind of girl, opt for candy-appropriate gifts. If you know your mom loves a sappy card every year, make sure to do that for her, but this time, include it as a handwritten note. Instead of just buying a generic store-bought card, you are putting your feelings into words, which takes things just a step further. 

a Floral Scented Candle

If you are in a pinch, you can always find beautiful (and affordable) candles from stores like Target, Walmart or CVS this mother's day. I have bought quite a few over the years and I love that they come in a vintage-looking glass jar and offer a variety of different colors.

Comfy Footwear

There’s nothing like coming home from work after a long day, getting in your PJs, and putting on a pair of comfy socks. Treat your mom to these Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Heathered Plush Socks for $15. They are super comfortable and affordable.

Specialty Coffee

I have always been a little obsessed with giving and getting coffee, so I always make sure to gift to the most deserving Mom in the world. You can find specialty coffees like Godiva Assorted Ground Coffee in bulk at your local health food store. Just take home a few different types of types and package it up in small containers, paper packages or test tubes from your local store.

Luxe Soap and a Natural Loofah

Nothing says self-care like craftsman soap and a natural loofah. Grab a sampler pack of soap in various colors and scents. Next, pair it with a natural loofah or any other body tool to make sure mom exfoliates while she is relaxing.

Fresh Cut Flowers

Rather than gifting a huge bouquet, pack some freshly picked blooms in a small vase. Not only is it easy to transport, but it’s perfect for displaying on a coffee table, desk or kitchen counter, and it will look good inside of that handpicked gift basket.

Moisturizing Hand Lotions

Toss in some gorgeous scents like vanilla, lavender and rosemary lotions that mom can try out after treating herself to a spa day or, maybe even as a new staple in her powder room. The Burt's Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream serves as a great option. 

Chocolate and other sweets

Seriously sis, when have you ever seen a mom turn down chocolate on Mother’s Day? I think it's pretty much a given. Try these personalized M&M's as a sweet treat or better yet, bake mom some of her favorite homemade goods, wrap it up and gift it in the basket. 

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