Being a parent to multiple little ones is a joy and a struggle, sometimes all at once. While it demands lots of energy and attention, it doesn’t have to dominate your lifestyle. We took a leaf out of Summer Walker’s book, who is (stunningly) showing us how to make it work while enjoying her little bundles of joy. There are a few simple tricks to ease the load and offer you some well-deserved you time.

Parenthood to young children and babies is always a journey. Having two (or more) under two will always seem more daunting than peaceful. Sit back and enjoy this curated list of the top items to own if you’re a parent to multiple little ones.

Must-haves if you’re a parent to multiple little ones


Moving around with little ones doesn’t have to cause stress. This small-folding stroller rides like a double, but folds like a single stroller, which makes life and travel that little bit easier. As a comfortable stroller, it is guaranteed to make your lunchtime walks that little bit smoother. This Graco double stroller holds two children and comes with added body cushion and support. It’ll keep you and the little ones happy on your trips.

Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

If you’re a parent to multiple little ones then you’ll certainly know the peace that a good monitor can have. The Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor & Wall Mount is a popular choice for its cutting-edge camera and technology. Nanit is the only smart monitor with a split screen feature that allows a view of two cameras on one screen. Keep an eye on little ones and even monitor how much sleep they’re getting. The Nanit monitor sends analysis and expert advice on how to improve sleep quality.

Breathable seat liners

There is nothing more complicated than having to calm down your over-heated, irritable children on a hot or busy day. These breathable seat liners might just save the day with a simple solution. They’re lightweight, double-sided and offer a soft cushion for comfort. Keeping the little ones comfy just got easier.

Large Capacity Diaper Bag

Who can resist a sizeable, well-organized diaper bag? Realistically, most diaper bags don’t hold nearly enough space for day trips out with two or more kiddos. A larger diaper bag ensures that you have everything you might need, and then some. The Skip Hop diaper bag comes with two multipurpose packing cubes. For parents on the go, the luggage sleeve on the back easily slides over rolling luggage handles. This is a must-have item for parents looking to have everything they need at hand without any stress in the world.

Conair HEAT SENSE Pedicure Foot Spa Bath 

We couldn’t complete this list without adding a little something for the ones on their feet all day long. Taking a moment for self-care is an absolute must, especially when you’re caring for little ones. The pressures on the body are immense and so parents to multiple little ones will appreciate this foot spa bath. The Conair foot soak is soothing and designed to provide the best foot spa experience available. The foot bath features two manual foot massage rollers and heat sense technology that heats water up to 104°. Unwind after a day of exploring with the kiddies and give your feet some love.

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